New TV 3.0 technology will connect open channels with the internet | Technology

New TV 3.0 technology will connect open channels with the internet | Technology
New TV 3.0 technology will connect open channels with the internet | Technology

1 of 1 Television — Photo: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil
Television — Photo: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil

The Minister of Communications, Juscelino Filhoanticipated – during his participation in the Bom Dia Ministro program, on the Gov channel, an EBC vehicle – the announcement of the evolution of Digital TV to a new technological standard called TV 3.0, to be launched in Brasília, this Wednesday (3). The new feature promises better image quality and easier access through connectivity.

“The big difference will be precisely the issue of integrating television transmission with better image quality, sound quality, with connectivity, with the internet, with broadband” he stated.

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According to the minister, Brazil is still one of the largest consumer markets for open television in the world and the way of accessing this communication channel will be revolutionized with the change. The traditional choice of channels will be replaced by applications that will make content available, both live and on demand, making browsing more interactive.

Juscelino Filho also said that this interactivity will also provide new business opportunities, through the offering and consumption of advertisements, marketplace (buying and selling environment) and shopping environment.

According to the minister, the technology to be adopted should be defined by the end of 2024. As a result, the industry must work on the production of equipment and converters to ensure the integration of open signals with the internet. The migration will be gradual and will begin in large capitals, where the signal will initially be available.


The Minister of Communications also highlighted the partnership between Correios and Caixa to enable the offering of services such as applying for unemployment insurance, issues related to Bolsa Família, Social Integration Program (PIS), FGTS and INSS payment.

He said that this partnership will facilitate access for populations that need to travel long distances in search of care. “We are, through the partnership, using all the capillarity that Correios has to be a vector so that these programs, these government social actions, are closer to the population”, he noted.

The initiative began with a pilot experience, implemented in December 2023, in the city of Peixe-Boi, in the state of Pará. Currently, the Ministry of Communications is working on adapting the systems so that the partnership reaches all cities in Brazil. According to the minister, a new stage should be officially announced when the services are fully operational and available throughout the country.

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