Identify fake bills with these infallible tips

Identify fake bills with these infallible tips
Identify fake bills with these infallible tips

With the advancement of technology, scammers have used different strategies to carry out online fraud, including sending slips fakes are one of the most common. With this in mind, we have separated essential information to help you identify whether a bill is fake or real, thus protecting yourself against possible scams.

Scammers’ main strategies: understand how they work

Scammers use two main strategies to send fake invoices: through emails or using Trojan horses to modify billing codes directly from your computer. In the first case, hackers send fake invoices by email, usually accompanied by texts informing about the urgency of payment.

In the second case, hackers deposit Trojan horses in files, which, when downloaded, automatically install malware on the victim’s computer. This malware alters the payment information on the bill, directing the amount paid to scammers.

Habits to avoid scams: adopt security measures

To avoid falling for fake bill scams, it is important to adopt some habits of security online.

  • Install a good antivirus on your PC and run periodic scans;

  • Use antivirus browser extensions to prevent access to contaminated websites.

  • Be careful when downloading files online and always check that they are safe.

Furthermore, when receiving invoices by email, check if there is any outstanding debt before making the payment. Check that the email address matches an official company address and review the visual elements of the text for errors.

How to identify a fake or real bill: practical tips

  • Know the operator’s numbers: companies often provide information on how to identify genuine bills. Check that the numbers on the bill correspond to the numbers provided by the company.

  • Check the company’s details: when paying a bill, check that the creditor’s information is correct, such as company name, CNPJ and value.

  • Pay attention to design changes: check whether the company logo and other visual elements are in line with the brand identity.

  • Check the bill value: Compare the value of the bill with the invoice history provided by the bank.

  • Pay attention to the barcode: make sure the bill’s barcode is legible and has no problems.

By following these tips and adopting online security measures, you will be better prepared to identify fake bills and protect yourself against scams. Always remember to check the authenticity of any charge you receive and, if in doubt, contact the company in question directly to confirm the veracity of the bill.

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