To be continued! Subscribe to Clube Livelo and earn up to 104 thousand extra points with our exclusive coupon

To be continued! Subscribe to Clube Livelo and earn up to 104 thousand extra points with our exclusive coupon
To be continued! Subscribe to Clube Livelo and earn up to 104 thousand extra points with our exclusive coupon

Clube Livelo continues with a good membership offer for Melhores Destinos readers. It offers up to 104,000 extra points for anyone who signs using the coupon CLUBELIVELOMD.

The promotion offers up to 40,000 extra points for new customers on a monthly subscription, in addition to up to 64,000 bonus points for those who stay for 20 months. Taking advantage is very easy: just access the promotion website and use the coupon CLUBELIVELOMD. Check out:

Club Bonuses every 2 months Total bonus in 20 months Plan points in 20 months Stay bonus Total accumulation in 20 months
Classic 1,000 200 2,000 20,000 1,600 23,600
Special 2000 400 4,000 40,000 3,200 47,200
Plus 3,000 600 6,000 60,000 4,800 70,800
Super 7,000 1,400 14,000 140,000 11,200 165,200
Mega 12,000 2,400 24,000 240,000 27,600 291,600
Top 20,000 4,000 40,000 400,000 64,000 504,000

Anyone who takes advantage of the promotion and stays for 20 months will have the following cost per batch of 1,000 Livelo points in each plan:

  • Classic 1,000: R$ 38.05
  • Special 2,000: R$ 37.24
  • Plus 3,000: BRL 36.69
  • Super 7,000: R$ 36.30
  • Mega 12,000: R$ 34.28
  • Top 20,000: R$ 31.74

Click here to learn more about Clube Livelo’s plans and sign up. But don’t forget to activate the coupon CLUBELIVELOMD to secure bonus points.

Remembering that to receive the bonus you cannot have canceled the Club less than 12 months ago or already be a subscriber to another plan. Furthermore, if the participant cancels or changes the plan chosen at the time of subscribing to a higher or lower plan, they will become ineligible and will not receive the remaining bonus.

Benefits of the Livelo Club

The basic benefit of Clube Livelo is the monthly points package and the exclusive promotions and conditions that you now have access to, but there are many more advantages! In fact, Livelo announced new benefits for 2024, which are already in effect.

Check out everything the club subscription offers:

  • Points that do not expire – the points accumulated by club members, regardless of how they were obtained, do not have an expiration date;
  • Bonuses every 3 months – up to 125% extra points, depending on the plan contracted and the length of the subscription. With a very important detail: these points are cumulative with the coupon bonus CLUBELIVELOMD;
  • Free immediate transfer – Clube Livelo subscribers do not pay the fee for instant sending of points to airline programs, a modality in which points are credited within 2 hours;
  • Travel discount – on the plan’s anniversary, subscribers receive discount coupons to use to exchange points for airline tickets, accommodation, car rental and travel packages;
  • Discount when purchasing points, transfers between accounts and renewing expired points – permanent discounts of up to 52% when purchasing points from the special package;
  • Boosted accumulation of points: When making purchases at retail partners, Clube Livelo subscribers can receive more points for each dollar spent;
  • Special bonus when transferring to partner programs – when sending Livelo points to airline loyalty programs, for example, club members receive a bigger bonus.
  • Discount on product redemption – Livelo Club participants have special conditions for redeeming products using program points.

Did you like the advantages? Click here to subscribe to Clube Livelo and earn up to 40 thousand bonus points using the coupon CLUBELIVELOMD.

Is it worth subscribing to Clube Livelo?

I have been subscribing to Clube Livelo for many years because I realized that the amounts spent on subscription end up being paid for by the points we receive monthly and also by the biggest bonuses we receive in promotions, allowing us to accumulate many miles at a low cost, which translate into much cheaper trips. .

For example, anything I’m going to buy, whether it’s an appliance, furniture or clothes, I take the opportunity to accumulate points in promotions that can generate more than 10 points per real. It means that the purchase of a R$2,000 TV can generate 20,000 points, which could be enough for a trip to the Northeast, for example. And with Clube Livelo you almost always accumulate more points in these offers.

But, the biggest advantage of Clube Livelo, in my opinion, is the fact that you can accumulate points in your account and then decide what to do with them, without having the points tied up in an airline program. For example, you have 30,000 points on Livelo and decide to travel to Buenos Aires. You will be able to quote which of the programs offers the most advantageous redemption leaving your city to the chosen destination, wait for a promotion and make the transfer. If your destination is different, or the travel redemption conditions change, you can take your points and send them to another program or use them within Livelo itself.

When you subscribe to an airline program club, you are obliged to redeem your tickets there, even if it does not offer the most advantageous option for you, as it is not possible to transfer miles from airline programs to Livelo or even between them.

Did you like it? Click here and use the coupon CLUBELIVELOMD to earn extra points. It is only valid for monthly plans.

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