Shein launches first pop-up store of 2024 in Curitiba

Shein launches first pop-up store of 2024 in Curitiba
Shein launches first pop-up store of 2024 in Curitiba

Shein’s temporary store will be located between April 12th and 15th at Shopping Estação.| Photo: Disclosure/Shein

Global online fashion and beauty retailer Shein launches first store popup 2024 in the capital of Paraná next day 12. The temporary store will remain until the 15th of the same month at Shopping Estação. With a stock of 13 thousand pieces, a variety of clothing for men, women and children, the expectation is that 1.2 thousand people pass through the space every day.

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Headquartered in Singapore, Shein has been present in Brazil since 2020 and will operate locally in 2022, having reached more than 45 million users in the country. The company calls itself 100% digital, but in 2022 the first temporary store appeared with the aim of bringing the Shein experience to the customer.

“It’s an opportunity for us to connect with our audience, show our products and for customers to be able to touch our pieces. We promote this within our pop-ups. This is an opportunity to connect and interact with our brand”, says Raquel Arruda, marketing director at Shein in Brazil. In the businesswoman’s analysis, the temporary store is an opportunity for non-customers to become one, based on knowledge of the products.

A popup of Shein in Curitiba will be the first store in southern Brazil.

Throughout the year, the company plans to have more temporary stores in other Brazilian cities, but the list has not yet been officially announced. Shein has already been present in São Paulo, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. Shein’s marketing director highlights that the previous stores were in regions with a warmer climate, a proposal that will be different in Curitiba.

“Curitiba residents allow us to present a different side of the portfolio, with winter pieces. They will be able to take advantage of a huge inventory of more than 13 thousand items for purchase. Of these items, 57% are manufactured in Brazil. This seals and reinforces our commitment to the Brazilian economy and job creation”, says Arruda.

With 600 m², the pop-up store in Curitiba will have women’s, men’s and children’s fashion items. Additionally, for the first time, there will be clothing for pets. Prices for international clothing range from R$21.99 to R$329.99. National manufacturing can be found between R$29.99 and R$230. Shein will provide a 10% discount, with no minimum value, on all pieces and, above R$450, a 20% discount.

Online sales are expected to increase

How the store popup It is an opportunity for people to get to know the Shein brand, the expectation is that, after the closure of the temporary store, there will be an increase in sales online. “We open an opportunity for those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to download the app or access our platform, to get to know [a Shein] these four days and get to know our clothes”, highlights Shein’s marketing director in Brazil.

The majority of brand users are between 18 and 24 years old. The temporary store is also an opportunity to reach new audiences, according to Arruda. Despite the positive impact on cities that received a unit popupShein does not intend to open a permanent physical store.

“We don’t yet have a business model, as we are a natively 100% digital company. So, that doesn’t yet exist in our plans. Nothing that prevents us from changing the company’s plans in some time and opening [uma loja permanente]”, explains the Shein representative in Brazil.

Customers must have a ticket to enter the store

The store popup will be in Curitiba between April 12th and 15th at Shopping Estação. Due to the intense flow of people and to organize logistics, Shein will make tickets available on the platform Sympla to enter the store. Tickets are free and will be available on the website from this Wednesday (3), at 10am. “These tickets will be available by time. Each person can stay up to two hours inside our store. We do this in turn”, explains the marketing director at Shein in Brazil.

Shein also has a partnership with Rede Caixa Solidária Brasil. On the days when the store is open, used clothes, towels and shoes will be collected. Anyone who wants to contribute to the donation does not need to have picked up their ticket for the event. popup.

“The aim is to make a difference in people’s lives and they promote selective collection of post-consumer textiles. So, if you have shoes, clothes, towels, duvets and other items that you want to discard or that you no longer use, we have this solidarity box for this donation”, she adds.

Shopping Estação is located at Avenida Sete de Setembro, 2775, in the Rebouças neighborhood, in Curitiba (PR).

Shein is investing R$750 million in partner factories in Brazil

To support Brazilian partners, last year Shein announced an investment of R$750 million to provide technology and training to national manufacturers to update production models with the company’s demand.

Over the next three years, Shein plans to partner with 2,000 local manufacturers and offer around 100,000 jobs to produce branded pieces. The global retailer’s expectation is that, by the end of 2026, 85% of sales will be local, both from manufacturers and sellers.

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