Foreigners withdraw record volume of resources from B3 in March


Foreign investors withdrew the largest volume of resources from São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3) since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus (covid-19).

São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3) | Photo: Disclosure

Last month, the net outflow of resources (difference between contributions and withdrawals from foreign investors) from B3 was R$5.547 billion.

In the year to date, the withdrawal of foreign resources from stock Exchange reached 22.897 billion, the highest volume since 2020.

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This value represents half of all resources contributed to the B3 last year, when R$45 billion were injected, which helped the Ibovespathe main index of the São Paulo Stock Exchange, rising 22% in the year.

Foreign investors increased the number of withdrawals at B3 after government interference in Petrobras

The peak in resource withdrawals in B3 by foreign investors occurred on March 13, a few hours after the release of Petrobras’ results, when R$1.75 billion were rescued; the largest outflow of resources of the month and the third largest of the year.

In its balance sheet, the Petrobras had recorded a profit drop of 33.8%. And announced that he would not distribute dividends extraordinary.

The decision was taken by the Board of Directors of the state oil company, after direct interference from the President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

In just one trading session, on Friday 29, the Petrobras it lost R$55.3 billion.

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