Game characters get epic visuals in sensational fan-made poster

Game brings together video game legends.

Super Smash Bros. ultimate It’s a big milestone in the gaming industry. A success on Nintendo Switch, the game brings together characters from different franchises, such as Super Mario, Street Fighter and Final Fantasy, in totally chaotic battles. To mark this iconic meeting, a fan created an incredible poster featuring their favorite fighters.

Of the almost 90 playable characters, the artist had to decide on a balanced selection that represented the spirit of fraternization present in the game. The chosen heroes can be divided into two groups: icons from Nintendo’s history, such as Link from The Legend of Zelda, peach in super Mario and inkling from Splatoon; and guests from other companies, just like mega man, joker from Persona 5 and Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Check out:

Art brings game heroes together

In addition to including very popular faces among the general public, the artist took the opportunity to pay tribute to lesser-known figures who had greater importance in nostalgic titles. Among them we have Fox in Star Fox, Kirby, ness in Earthbound, pit in Kid Icarus and Samus in metroid.

The illustration was published on DeviantArt by the artist Ross Tran, who accumulates a wide variety of techniques and themes in his repertoire. Videogames are just a small part of his designs, with great emphasis on the franchise pokemon. In the art above, she is represented by her mascot, the Pikachu.

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