Cardinal accuses Biden of selecting beliefs in his favor

Cardinal accuses Biden of selecting beliefs in his favor
Cardinal accuses Biden of selecting beliefs in his favor

Cardinal Wilton Gregory, archbishop of Washington, DC, the US capital, criticized President Joe Biden for adopting a selective stance towards the teachings of the Catholic Church, adapting his faith to political convenience, instead of fully following religious precepts.

During an interview with the program “Face the Nation” of CBS, Gregory used the term “cafeteria Catholic” to describe Biden’s attitude, indicating that the president chooses the parts of Catholic doctrine that are favorable to him and ignores those that present challenges to his political agenda.

The archbishop’s recent statements highlight growing skepticism among American Catholics about the sincerity of the faith proclaimed by Biden, who describes himself as a “devout Catholic.” Surveys conducted by Pew Research reveal that the majority of Americans question the depth of the president’s religious commitment, with just 13% considering him “very religious.”

This criticism takes on a more serious tone when observing the reaction of influential religious figures, such as Pope Francis, who pointed to the “inconsistency” between Biden’s Catholic beliefs and his position in the abortion debate.

The controversy was amplified by Biden’s actions, such as the celebration of “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday, which provoked adverse reactions in sectors of the Christian community and conservative politicians.

Easter and the Transgender Day of VisibilityThe

The White House’s decision to proclaim the Transgender Day of Visibility This March 31, Easter Sunday, it triggered a wave of criticism from conservatives and other sectors of American society.

According to Fox News, the announcement generated adverse reactions on social media, accusing President Joe Biden of attacking Christianity by superimposing an important date for the LGBTQ+ community on one of the most sacred Christian celebrations.

In addition to criticism of the proclamation, observers highlighted the White House’s celebration of at least seven other commemorative dates related to LGBTQ+ issues, including the “National Coming Out Day” in October and the “Transgender Day of Remembrance” in November.

President Biden, who identifies as Catholic, published a message on Easter Sunday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus in an attempt to balance the administration’s messaging and approach to diverse communities.

In a statement, the White House praised the courage and contributions of transgender Americans, reaffirming the nation’s commitment to equality and equal treatment. “Today, we send a message to all transgender Americans: you are loved, you are heard, you are understood. You belong. You are America, and my entire administration and I support you.”the statement stated.

American President Joe Biden said, on X:

“On Transgender Day of Visibility, we celebrate the joy, strength and sheer courage of some of the bravest people I know. Today, we show millions of transgender and non-binary Americans that we see them, that they belong, and that they should be treated with dignity and respect.”

Vice President Kamala Harris also expressed her support in a tweet: “On Transgender Day of Visibility, we celebrate transgender and non-binary Americans. Your courage has given countless others strength, but no one should need to be brave just to be who they are. We see you. We support you. We will not stop fighting for you.”

The choice of date provoked rejection from sectors that saw the action as a direct attack on Christianity. O International Transgender Day of Visibilitycreated by activists more than ten years ago and celebrated annually on March 31, is not a floating date like Easter.

The Trump campaign called on Biden to apologize for the proclamation. “We call on Joe Biden’s bankrupt campaign and the White House to issue an apology to the millions of Catholics and Christians across America who believe that tomorrow is just for one celebration – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”said Karoline Leavitt.

The White House, through spokesman Andrew Bates, defended inclusion and unity, criticizing politicians who, according to him, seek to divide and weaken the country with cruel, hateful and dishonest rhetoric. Bates reiterated that President Biden would never use his faith for political purposes.

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