Eliminated, Pitel cries when she meets Rodriguinho in a hotel


Pitel said goodbye to BBB 24 on Tuesday night (2) and, shortly after leaving the most watched house in Brazil, he met up again with one of his greatest allies in the game: Rodriguinho! In a video published on his Instagram profile, the pagodeiro shared the Alagoas woman’s reaction when she saw him for the first time after confinement.

As soon as he sees his friend, Pitel screams and jumps into the hug. The ex-sister is visibly moved by the reunion and doesn’t hide her tears. When hugging the singer, she says she missed him, and even jokes:

“I thought you blocked me,” she says, making the pagodeiro laugh.

After missing Rodriguinho, Pitel also hugged Bruna Amaral, the singer’s wife. In the networks, the pagodeiro took advantage of the moment to declare himself to Pitel.

“How good it is to be able to give you this hug! Welcome. You were a gift that I received and will carry with me for life”, he wrote in the publication.

Pitel and Rodriguinho experienced remarkable moments on the program, and their friendship became a parody of the film “Up: Altas Aventuras”, drawing tears and words of affection from the audience.

The article is in Portuguese

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