BBB 24: Lucas Henrique wins luck test and is the new leader


Lucas Henrique won the leader’s race on Tuesday night (2), at BBB 24. The dispute occurred shortly after the Pitel elimination.

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The test was divided into three phases, two of which were luck and one was skill. In the first stage, Alane, Lucas Henrique, Beatriz, Isabelle, Davi and Matteus advanced. In the second phase, the brothers had to make four shots, and whoever hit the spots with the most points went to the last stage.

Davi, Matteus and Lucas Henrique advanced to the last stage, in which they had to hit the only seat that would not fall onto a paint trapdoor. Lucas Henrique guessed the correct one and won the test.

In the coming days, the BBB 24 occurs in turbo mode, with more than one elimination per week. The season is scheduled to end on April 16th.

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In the last phase, the losers Davi and Matteus fell into a trapdoor with paint (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

First phase was luck (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Giovanna did not qualify in the first stage, due to luck (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Buddha scored the highest in the skill phase (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Paredão is double (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Pitel was the 16th eliminated from BBB 24, this Tuesday (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

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