Is Buba from Renascer trans in real life? See the before and after of actress Gabriela Medeiros


The iconic character Buba from Renascer was played by Maria Luísa Mendonça in 1993, and now, in the remake, she is played by actress Gabriela Medeiros.

The 22-year-old actress gained the responsibility of staging strong sequences in the nine o’clock soap opera, addressing the dilemma of trans people in today’s society, especially trans women who want to be a mother.

In the first version, however, Buba was not trans. She was an intersex person, who at the time was called a hermaphrodite.

Buba Gabriela Medeiros in Renascer

The author of the remake chose to address the trans issue and cast Gabriela, a newcomer to TV, for the role. As she is a new face, many people want to know if the actress is also trans in real life.

Is Buba from Renascer trans in real life? Actress recalled the past

Yes. Gabriela Medeiros, Buba from Renascer, is a trans woman. On her Instagram she highlights her pride in her personal journey. “I would hug that child. This child always wanted to externalize what he really was. And today I can be who I am,” the artist wrote in the caption of a photo of her as a child.

See the actress who plays Buba in Renascer as a child:

Gabriela Medeiros as a child

At the end of February, Buba’s interpreter went to the Encontro program, spoke about the trans struggle and received a tribute from her scene partner, Rodrigo Simas, who plays José Venâncio.

It is a great honor to be by your side telling this story of Buba and Venâncio. It’s been a wonderful job to do. Very happy to be by your side. Thank you for everything”, declared Simas, moving Gabriela Medeiros.

It’s worth mentioning that in Renascer, Buba will do crazy things to be a mother. She will adopt Teca’s (Lívia Silva) son and deceive her father-in-law, José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira), for a while. In the end, José Venâncio dies tragically and Eliana (Sophie Charlotte) ends up revealing that Buba is trans and that the baby was not naturally created by her.

José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas) and Eliana (Sophie Charlotte); Buba (Gabriela Medeiros) in Renascer
José Venâncio Rodrigo Simas and Eliana Sophie Charlotte Buba Gabriela Medeiros in Renascer

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