Larissa Manoela gives her career a new direction after expelling her mother from control

Larissa Manoela gives her career a new direction after expelling her mother from control
Larissa Manoela gives her career a new direction after expelling her mother from control
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The actress is responsible for managing her artistic career

In 2023, Larissa Manoela took a big step in her artistic career by separating herself from her mother, Silvana Taques Elias Santos. The matriarch was responsible for leading her daughter’s work for 18 years, but now the actress has taken the reins and is responsible for all procedures involving her projects.

“It has always been a dream to occupy this position, because I am very interested in what happens in this world of business. For me, it was an immersion, which takes time and is very challenging, but I am not ashamed to ask questions to learn and expand my field of vision. I really like to hear everyone’s opinion before forming my own.”

“I have a very responsible position and I need to have this knowledge to occupy it. But I always put myself in an equal position with everyone, because I believe that we are nothing without a team. I like to exchange with my team and understand what they think, if they are happy”, he said in an interview with Universa.

“I delegate a lot of demands too, because the artistic world consumes me a lot, but it’s what I love doing most. I love being in front of the camera or on stage. And now I like to know what goes on behind all of this. I read all my contracts, I sign everything, I post them on my own social networks, I make my captions, I choose the photos. And everything in a very special way. I see that the recognition I receive is a teamwork effort”, he added.

“When I think about Larissa as a child, I wanted to say ‘believe in yourself that this will work’. I know it seems comprehensive, but I’m talking about something that is believing with your soul. I’ve already doubted that I was capable, sometimes we’re in denial. We need believe and unite your inner strengths to move forward. Sometimes, all you need is to take a deep breath, dry your tears and understand what’s going on inside.”

“Nothing is going to fall from the sky, okay? We have to do whatever we can to achieve our goals. That’s why I say it’s going to be challenging, some trials will happen, but this will transform it. Leaving our comfort zone changes us and you will carry all the wounds, but they will heal. And you will remember that mark as something that has already passed. Pain transforms”, he concluded.

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