Who is in the cast of No Rancho Fundo, replacing Elas por Elas on Globo


Globo’s next six soap opera, In Rancho Fundo is about to debut. The plot written by Mário Teixeira, which will replace Elas with Elas from April 15th, will feature new faces in the main roles and will also bring big names, such as Alexandre Nero and Andrea Beltrão.

Alexandre Nero in No Rancho Fundo

The story will follow the trajectory of Quinota (Larissa Bocchino) and her family, the Leonel Limoeiros, who will have their lives completely turned upside down after the girl is abandoned by her fiancé. Furthermore, they will become rich after a discovery by matriarch Zefa Leonel (Andrea Beltrão) that will change everyone’s lives.

Based on A Capital Federal, by Artur Azevedo, the serial is set in the Cariri region, in the hinterland of Paraíba, and will take place in the fictional cities of Lasca Fogo and Lapão da Beirada.

Recordings for the soap opera began in January at Estúdios Globo, with external recordings beginning in March. And the cast is already defined.

Who are the protagonists of No Rancho Fundo?

Larissa Bocchino will play the young lady Quinota and Túlio Starling will play the young man Artur. José Loreto will play the villain Marcelo Gouveia, while Luisa Arraes will defend the vixen Blandina.

The protagonist’s family will be made up of: Andrea Beltrão (Zefa Leonel), Alexandre Nero Tico Leonel, Igor Fortunato (Zé Beltino), Igor Jansen (Aldenor), Tomás de França (Juquinha), Guthierry Sotero (Nastácio), Heloisa Honein (Margaridinha ), Dandara Queiroz (Benvinda) and Mariana Lima (Tia Salete).

Which characters from Mar do Sertão will be in No Rancho Fundo?

Debora Bloch in No Rancho Fundo

Actors who were in the cast of Mar do Sertão will also be in Mário Teixeira’s new soap opera, playing the same characters from the previous plot. There are at least eight names on this list.

They are: Debora Bloch (Deodora Montijo), Welder Rodrigues (Sabá Bodó), Leandro Daniel (Floro Borromeu), Thardely Lima (Vespertino), Titina Medeiros (Nivalda), Suzy Lopes (Cira), Ju Colombo (Quintilha) and Nanego Lira (Father Zezo).

What is the cast of No Rancho Fundo, the replacement for Elas por Elas on Globo?

Away from the soap operas since Um Lugar ao Sol (2021-2022), Eduardo Moscovis will play the powerful Quintino Ariosto. Alejandro Claveaux will play Jordan.

Haroldo Guimarães will play Primo Cícero, Rhaisa Batista will play Fé, Andréa Bak will play Esperança and Clara Moneke will give life to Caridade, marking her return to soap operas after success in Vai na Fé (2023).

Also confirmed in the cast are: Alex Patrício, Ana Mangeth, Eduardo Moscovis, Eloise Yamashita, Fátima Patrício, Jorge Ritchie, Maria Silvia Radomille, Natascha Falcão, Nina Tomsic, Renan Motta, Valdineia Soriano, Vitória Rodrigues and Zahy Guajajara.

Written by Mário Teixeira, No Rancho Fundo premieres on April 15th on Globo. The plot will replace the remake of Elas with Elas at 6pm and will remain on air until November.

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