Fernanda reveals ‘discomfort’ in an interview with Ana Maria Braga

Fernanda reveals ‘discomfort’ in an interview with Ana Maria Braga
Fernanda reveals ‘discomfort’ in an interview with Ana Maria Braga

‘Climão’ with Ana Maria

Fernanda was once again a topic on social media this Monday (1). Deleted from BBB 24the ex-sister admitted that she felt uncomfortable in the interview with Ana Maria Braga on the program “Mais Você”, from TV Globo.

Fernanda and Ana Maria Braga. Reproduction/Globe

In the chat, the Rio native drew attention with sharp responses, denied the presenter and was accused of being “mockery” by internet users.

In a video published on Instagram, Fernanda met fans at the door of Estúdios Globo and talked about how she felt during the interview with Ana Maria.

“I felt bad, guys. What crazy talk is this?”, said Fernanda. “What happened here?” she asked. A fan said: “So, you weren’t brifada”, an expression used for those who “prepare” the interviewee before the questions.

The Rio native admitted that she did not receive any information before the chat with Ana Maria Braga. “No, no one says anything. I arrived and said ‘guys, that’s crazy’. I was uncomfortable, I’m not going to lie to you”, continued the ex-sister.

Another fan commented that she approved Fernanda’s comment about Davi. “I liked when you said: ‘How did Davi already win if the program didn’t end?’”, said the woman, with the Rio native agreeing.

Was Fernanda disrespectful to Ana Maria Braga?

Was Fernanda disrespectful to Ana Maria Braga?


Hug David?

At another point in the video, Fernanda took photos with fans at the entrance to Estúdios Globo and received a question about her relationship with Davi.

She would be asked about the moment she greeted the participants in the living room after receiving the news of her elimination, especially the Bahian.

“Fernanda, we like controversy. Why yesterday you Didn’t you hug Davi when he said goodbye?” asked one. “Because I didn’t see it! There was no time, it was very fast, guys, you have no idea”, she argued.


Fernanda left the program last Sunday (31) after losing the triple wall contest against Giovanna It is Beatrice. The carioca received 57.09% of the votes, while the former Puxadinho took 37.85%, and the seller only 5.06%.

After leaving, the model showed that she continued to hold her tongue and mocked Alane and Beatriz during the interview with Bate-Papo BBB, on the program presented by Thaís Fersoza It is Ed Gama.

What Internet users say

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