New Aliance? After Fernanda’s elimination on ‘BBB 24’, Fadas invite Pitel to ‘party’ and get closer to their rival


On the afternoon of this Monday (1), the Fairies decided to have a mini ‘party’ on ‘BBB 24’. Alane wanted to show the carimbó rhythm, since she couldn’t have her Leader’s Party. Upon seeing Pitel, she also wanted to invite her to the celebration and, so, the Fairies invited Fernanda’s friend.

Fairies summon Pitel to party

Alane, Beatriz and Isabelle had the idea of ​​having a party at ‘BBB 24’. Alane and Isabelle wanted to show the culture of the North since they didn’t have the Leader’s Test. However, they noticed that Pitel was crying. She is sad because, in addition to being on Paredão, she lost her best friend on the reality show, Fernanda.

So, the Fairies took pity and had the idea of ​​inviting her to the party. “Doesn’t she want to have a party in the northeast too, just like we want to do in the north?“, asked Alane. The three went to Pitel and made the invitation. “You were the leader and there was no party… Then I wanted to have a carimbó dancing party, Isabelle will do it too, Bia will do it with orange peel..”, invited Alane. Pitel said that hers would be from São João and accepted the joke.

Fairies and Pitel dance together

After agreeing, Pitel went to dance with the Fairies and asked them to teach her. The four enjoyed the party together and talked about the game. Pitel said that he doesn’t play with the Fairies, but that he likes them. “Out of here, I want everyone to be happy […] . Out of here, I want to hear the story of […] It doesn’t fit here, but outside of here I have nothing against any of you. All my positions here inside and outside make no sense. It doesn’t make sense to sustain a feud that was born here, because we won’t be fighting for anything else“, he said.

We speak highly of you because I think you’re an incredible, very strong woman… what you said on Women’s Day about lighter burdens for all women really resonated with me. I imagine that this is the little I know of you and there is much more behind it. I hope that outside we can have exchanges too“, stated Alane.

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