When does Romeo and Juliet end on SBT? Replacement has already been defined


With the end of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet Estimated for September, SBT is already working on the replacement, A Caverna Encantada. In its next soap opera, Silvio Santos’ channel will focus on new names, but also on faces known to children.

Bianca Rinaldi in The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

After finishing recording for The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet in mid-March, the broadcaster has already started working on its new plot. The production will continue the network’s line of stories dedicated to children and young people.

Signed by Íris Abravanel and premiering in the second half of the year, the next SBT soap opera is titled A Caverna Encantada and the cast has already been scheduled to begin recording.

What will be the replacement for The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet on SBT?

The new serial will follow the story of Anna, whose father is the missionary doctor Paulo. The two live together in a city in the north of Minas Gerais, but Paulo is called to a dangerous mission and leaves his daughter at a boarding school in the interior of São Paulo.

It is there that Anna will live many adventures together with very different children that she will spend time with. The drama will take hold after the girl’s father disappears. Before leaving, he promised to return on his daughter’s birthday, but that didn’t happen.

Faced with this mystery, Anna will have an unexpected journey, making discoveries about the secrets of the school where she lives, her family and her origins.

SBT bets on actresses from children’s productions in new soap opera

Rosi Campos

With the cast selected, SBT announced the presence of actresses well known to children from the past in its new soap opera. One of them is Magali Biff, who played Ernestina and Matilde in the first version of Chiquititas (1997-1999).

The actress’s latest work is the series Betinho: No Fio da Navalha (2023), on Globoplay. The serial will mark his return to SBT after five years, after participating in the series A Garota da Moto (2019).

Another well-known veteran is Rosi Campos, who played the unforgettable Morgada do Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum (1994-1997). She will return to the station after many years at Globo.

On SBT, the actress was in some soap operas between the 1980s and 1990s, and her last work on the channel was a participation in the comedy Ô Coitado (2000). For the network’s new soap opera, she comes from a children’s production, after being in Morgana & Celeste (2023), a children’s series on TV Cultura, derived from Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum.

Who will be in the cast of the soap opera A Caverna Encantada?

With work underway, SBT has already defined the cast of A Caverna Encantada. Among the children’s group are actors such as Mel Summers, Wallentina Bomfim, Sofia Fornazari, Manu Bistene, Juju Teófilo, Mari Yumi, Juju Penido, Bernardo Schroeder, Diego Laumar, Lucca Almeida, Bernardo Prado, Gabriel Avellar, Theo Radicchi, Victor Lima and Guilherme Tavares.

The soap opera’s adult cast, in addition to Rosi Campos and Magali Biff, will feature Miguel Coelho, Isabela Souza, Luiza Tomé, Andrey Lopes, Thay Bergamim, Giu Nassa, Pamella Machado, Clarice Niskier, Phil Miler, Arthur Kohl, Ariane Souza, Henrique Sganzerla and Theo Werneck.

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