Renata Fan exposes cruelty in the Open Game: “This is absurd”

Band presenter comments on case of racism against Brazilian player in Spain

Renata Fan spoke this Monday (19) about the racist term that a Spanish businessman used to refer to the player Vinicius Júnior. During “Jogo Aberto”, on Band, the presenter exposed the cruelty, revolted when commenting on the phrase of the players agent, Pedro Bravo and didn’t spare criticism.

The businessman’s racist statements were made during “El Chiringuito”, a major sports TV show in Spain. At the time, Bravo said that forward Vini Júnior should “stop making a monkey” during his celebrations on the field. After the negative repercussion, the agent used social media to apologize and clarify that he used the expression “macaquice” as a synonym for “doing nonsense” and did not want to offend the Brazilian player.

“Look, working with communication is a daily learning exercise. People often mean one thing and say another. And in this case, I do see a prejudiced thing. The way he referred to Vinicius Júnior. I did not like. I thought it had a bad tone“, started.

“Oh, but there’s no such thing as an apology. One explanation. If it is true that this expression has another stamp in Spain. Regardless there is contempt, there is a rude way of talking about a person. And what’s wrong with you celebrating a goal by dancing? Who are you harming? Who are you doing something against? On the contrary. The person who goes there scores a goal, they have every right to celebrate”, continued Renata Fan.


In addition to criticizing the businessman, the Band contractor also reprimanded the attitude of the Atlético de Madrid fans, who called the athlete a monkey. “This is absurd. But unfortunately, there are still people doing this. And then people, when they meet with many, feel unpunished”.

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Finally, Renata Fan sympathized with the Real Madrid player. “So, Vinicius Júnior will have our support from “Jogo Aberto” all the time”, she concluded.

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