Cristina Kirchner says she didn’t notice an assassination attempt

Cristina Kirchner – Reproduction/Instagram

Argentina’s vice president Cristina Kirchner said she didn’t realize she had been assassinated. In testimony to local authorities, the politician explained that she did not realize that a man pointed a gun at her and tried to shoot her in the face. According to information published by the newspapers La Nación and Clarín, the parliamentarian said that she only became aware of what happened after she entered her house.

Kirchner testified on Friday morning (2), in his apartment in the Recoleta neighborhood, downtown Buenos Aires. She was heard for about an hour by judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rivolo.

Also according to Argentine publications, until yesterday, 24 people had already given statements about the case, most of them police and military. Security guards who were close to Cristina on the day the crime took place were heard as witnesses, but the possibility that they could become defendants in the future was not ruled out.

Cristina Kirchner had a gun pointed at her face on Thursday night (1st), when she arrived at her house. The accused of having tried to shoot the Argentine vice president is Brazilian Fernando Sabag Montiel, 35, who was arrested shortly after the attack. At the time, the politician had just left a session of the Senate and came across a cluster of supporters in front of his residence. According to local TV stations, the pistol failed and Kirchner was not hit.

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