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Is it possible to live on income? Financial educator Daniel Carraretto explains

One of the most sought after dreams by Brazilians is to have a monthly income without having to work. After all, who wouldn’t want to leave their current service and still have a balance in their account every month?

There is, however, a way to make the income from investments generate enough resources to pay the costs of living.

According to financial educator, speaker and creator of the channel “Meu Dinheiro Ativo” Daniel Carraretto, for this to happen there are some important points to be observed: financial organization; definition of goals with a focus on the future; discipline in saving and investing part of the salary every month; reduction and elimination of unnecessary expenses; creation of new sources of extra income; and financial planning. All this so that you can really live in a way that makes “money work for you”.

The professional indicated ways to achieve financial independence and says which investments are most sought after to help earn consistent income in the medium and long term.

“Reinvesting dividends accelerates the path towards financial freedom and generates the famous snowball effect”, he explains. Check out the alternatives suggested by him:

Fixed income with semiannual interest: IPCA+ treasury bonds with semiannual interest are an excellent option, as they have a yield above inflation (real gain) and still pay part of the yield at a determined frequency, every six months. It is even an interesting investment for the retirement phase.

Dividend-paying stocks: these are profitable companies that decide to distribute a good part of their profits to their shareholders in the form of dividends. A big plus is that earnings are still tax-exempt.

Real estate funds (SIEF): are currently the best investments in terms of profitability and predictability. Each FII comprises physical properties or real estate receivables, which generate revenue for the fund. Most pay relatively steady incomes and do so every month. The investor receives the amounts as if they were a salary in the form of rent, exempt from income tax. The average income paid by good FIIs is between 0.65% and 1.2% per month.

Investments abroad: the so-called stocks are shares of companies traded on the main American exchanges, while REITs are companies focused on investments in the real estate market. In addition to geographic and hard currency diversification, a big advantage is that many of them pay dividends in dollars. Its main focus is the protection of heritage over time.

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