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The first Risk Zone of the new Record TV reality show put Bruno Tálamo, Bruno Camargo and Natália Deodato in the hot seat. This Thursday, May 25th, the public will discover the name of the first eliminated of the season. In order to save your favorite, you must vote at in the A Grande Conquista voting poll. It is important to remember that the votes are to stay, that is, whoever adds up to the lowest percentage leaves the program. partial in real time and vote for who deserves to continue on Record TV’s reality show.

R7 voting for The Great Conquest – Step by Step

The polls on Record’s reality shows are always here to stay. Thus, the public votes on the participant who wants to continue in the game. The most common marbles are the triple ones. In these disputes, the two most voted remain in confinement, while the third place returns home.

To vote in the first Risk Zone of A Grande Conquista, in which journalist Bruno Tálamo, firefighter Bruno Camargo and ex-BBB 22 Natália Deodato are competing, just access the official website of Edir Macedo’s broadcaster, R7. The process is very simple, as it does not require any prior registration or payment.

The only requirement on the portal is that the voter is in national territory. Votes cast outside Brazil are not valid. The voting poll for A Grande Conquista on is available until the elimination time is announced on the live show, led by presenter Mariana Rios.

See the step by step:

Step 1: To start the process, you need to go to the website. You can search through Google or go directly through the link at Afterwards, you will need to access the official page of the reality show, for that you must go to the top tabs of the site and click on the name of the reality show. It’s pretty easy to find;

Step 2: now that you have been redirected to the reality show page (, you will be able to find the vote for A Grande Conquista. The poll is right at the beginning of the page, but you can also find it in the “voting” tab (

Step 3: then select the participant you want to save in this first Risk Zone of the season, Natália Deodato, Bruno Camargo or Bruno Tálamo. You must click on the “I am Human” option in the robots check and then just press the “vote” button to finish.

Step 4: wait for the message that informs you that your vote has been computed. Then, if you want to repeat the process, just click on “vote again” and that’s it. There is no voting limit per IP, so you can vote however you like.

Vote r7

Voting for the great official achievement is on r7 and votes are here to stay – photo: reproduction/r7

Partial – Who will go out in the 1st Risk Zone of A Grande Conquista?

The situation is not favorable for Bruno Camargo, who has been appointed so far as the eliminated of the week. Natália and Bruno Tálamo seem to breathe with relief in the first positions.

Of the more than 96,000 votes gathered in the analysis of the Votalada website – at 8:30 am – which consults websites, social networks, YouTube channels, among others, the participant adds up to just 12.41% of the votes to stay. Meanwhile, Natália leads with 44.61% of the preference and Bruno Tálamo is in second with 42.98%.

At UOL, the scenario of possible elimination for Bruno Camargo is repeated and he is in the last position with 13.61% of favoritism. Natália is in second place with 41.48% and Tálamo has 44.91% in first place. The partial was consulted around 11:00 am and totaled 757 votes until then.

The partials of DCI, UOL, Votalhada, among other sites, are not part of the official vote of A Grande Conquista of Record TV and therefore do not affect the game. They are just a sampling of how the public has behaved in the dispute.

As the official vote for A Grande Conquista on does not release partials, the public is left in the dark about the progress of the competition. Therefore, these unofficial polls serve to get an idea of ​​what the outcome of the dispute on the reality show might be.

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First elimination The Great Conquest: date, time and how to watch

The elimination of Bruno Camargo, Bruno Tálamo or Natália Deodato in the first Risk Zone of A Grande Conquista will take place this Thursday, May 25th. The program is scheduled to start at 22:45, right after the replay of soap opera Jesus.

To check the content on television is easy and simple, just tune in to Record TV from any television set with access to open Brazilian channels.

If you prefer to watch live and for free, but through a computer, cell phone or other device, you can use Playplus. The streaming platform allows you to follow the channel’s programming in real time, but requires a free registration.

To register, just access the address, then click on “Try for free” and on “Play Free”. The site will ask for some personal data and after completing the registration, you will already have a login and password released to access Playplus.

Enter the platform when the reality show is shown, click on the “On Air” tab at the top of the site, and then click on the Record TV signal. Ready! If you want to watch the 24-hour cameras of A Grande Conquista, you will need to pay for the monthly plan of BRL 15.90 for the service.

Mariana Rios The Great Conquest

Mariana Rios The Great Conquest

Mariana Rios presents the program – photo: reproduction/record

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