Director denies budget restrictions and confirms reinforcement at Coritiba


William Thomas, executive director of Coritiba

Coritiba’s new football director, William Thomas, dismissed any resistance to the release of money for signings. When presented this Wednesday (3), the director assured that there is an alignment between SAF shareholders and the current board.

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“I have been here for approximately 10 days and have not seen any disagreement with what was proposed. There is encouragement and enthusiasm from the people who lead the project. We are working very synchronically. From my side I saw no obstruction or resistance at all,” he said.

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Thomas praised the internal organization at Alto da Glória and assured that he saw an environment of general dissatisfaction, among shareholders, technical committee and players, with Coxa’s early eliminations in the Copa do Brasil and Campeonato Paranaense.

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“When the result doesn’t come, it’s obvious that something hasn’t gone right. I’m not going to give justifications, but the club is aware of this. There is no satisfaction or convenience. What made me even more excited is seeing the commitment of the athletes to the institution”, he added.

Director confirms reinforcement and projects Coritiba squad

Coritiba’s first reinforcement for Series B is the midfielder Morelli. Currently at Maringá FC, which is playing in the final of the Campeonato Paranaense against Athletico, the 26-year-old player gained prominence wearing the Goiás shirt last year.

The athlete must arrive at Alviverde on Tuesday (9), after the State’s decision, to sign the contract and undergo medical examinations. Without mentioning names, William Thomas also said that Coritiba talks to other athletes who are competing in other State finals.

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“We have three or four positions that we look for not only alternatives, but this equality [entre titulares e reservas]. Talking about positions, we are a certain amount of caution because the market is also watching us. Coritiba is an extremely recognized club. It is normal for there to be conversations and consultations”, said the director.

Furthermore, William Thomas said again that Coritiba’s SAF is willing to hire reinforcements for the Series B dispute.

“Today we are able to reinforce ourselves within what has already been established [no orçamento]Everything we took was well accepted. What is being consolidated, which is the case of Morelli, but also the possibilities we are considering. What I can assure the fans is that we are working very hard”, he added.

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