see the latest news from Flamengo

see the latest news from Flamengo
see the latest news from Flamengo

In the last few hours, the focus of news about Flamengo is behind the scenes of the club, with highlights such as Pedro’s statement about Gabigol and the amount paid by Carlinhos.

Given this context, read below a summary prepared by the Gávea News portal team to keep you very well informed!

European press points out Vini Jr’s future

Vinícius Júnior celebrates a goal scored against Barcelona (Photo: Reproduction/Real Madrid)

Vini Jr. has stood out on the world football scene, especially as a crucial player for Real Madrid, but his future at the club is uncertain, as reported by the newspaper “Sport”. The arrival of new talents such as Endrick and Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid raises concerns for Vini Jr. regarding his place in the team and his objective of becoming the best player in the world. These circumstances make him consider the possibility of a transfer, with the Premier League being an attractive destination, in addition to the interest of Paris Saint-Germain, who are ready to negotiate as soon as possible.

In addition to professional concerns, Vini Jr. faces personal challenges, particularly the racist attacks suffered in Spain. These negative experiences affect your emotional well-being and influence your considerations about the future. Even with a contract until 2027 with Real Madrid, the player’s permanence after 2025 is uncertain, given his desire to assess the impact of new signings on his professional growth and the team’s dynamics.

Vini Jr.’s dilemma illustrates the complexity faced by elite players, who need to balance personal ambitions with the tactical needs of their clubs. His case highlights the importance of adaptability and evolution in new contexts, both for an individual career and for collective success in football. Regardless of his future decision, Vini Jr. has already left his mark at Real Madrid and in world football, anticipating his next stage, which will be crucial for his legacy and for the club that acquires his talent.

Pedro’s statement about Gabigol

Gabigol and Pedro celebrate Flamengo’s title (Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo)

Last weekend, Flamengo consolidated its superiority by beating Nova Iguaçu 3-0 in the first game of the Campeonato Carioca final. The match, which took place on Saturday, stood out for Pedro’s exemplary performance, scorer of two of the three goals, thus reinforcing the strength of the Rubro-Negro team in the competition. This success not only brings Flamengo closer to another state title, but also highlights the squad’s ability to maintain a high level of play, even in the face of adversity.

In addition to shining on the field, Pedro also took the moment to express solidarity with Gabigol, a teammate currently suspended for two years due to an attempted fraud in an anti-doping test. Gabigol’s suspension, revealed on the Monday before the game, represents a significant blow for both the player and the club, highlighting the importance of unity and mutual support within the squad. Pedro, in his statements, emphasized Gabigol’s importance to the team and expressed the collective desire for his return to the field as soon as possible, highlighting the group’s cohesion and empathy with the fans.

While Flamengo deals with Gabigol’s absence, the team also celebrates a historic milestone achieved with the victory over Nova Iguaçu: the milestone of 13 thousand goals in its history, a testimony to the club’s greatness and tradition in the Brazilian football scene. Pedro, responsible for one of the goals that contributed to this feat, highlighted the importance of the moment, not only for him personally, but also as a tribute to the legendary Zagallo, highlighting the respect and gratitude for the legacy left by emblematic figures in the club and the sport. This moment reflects not only Flamengo’s current strength, but also the club’s rich history and significant contribution to national and international football.

Amount paid by Carlinhos

Carlinhos during Nova Iguaçu training (Photo: Disclosure/Nova Iguaçu)

Flamengo made significant investments in its team for the 2024 season, disbursing around R$160 million in high-profile signings, including Nicolas De La Cruz, Matías Viña and Léo Ortiz, reinforcing several positions in the team. However, the club subsequently adopted a more cautious and strategic approach, focusing on emerging talent, as demonstrated by the signing of striker Carlinhos. Revelation of the Campeonato Carioca by Nova Iguaçu, Carlinhos was acquired for a considerably lower amount, approximately R$3.2 million, highlighting Flamengo’s intention to invest in future promises with long contracts, in this case, until 2027.

The official arrival of Carlinhos to Flamengo generated buzz, especially due to its announcement just before the final of the Campeonato Carioca against Nova Iguaçu, the player’s home team. This strategic announcement, confirmed by the vice-president of football, Marcos Braz, reveals a deliberate tactic by Flamengo to guarantee the acquisition of Carlinhos before other clubs express interest. Such a decision, although controversial due to its proximity to a crucial match, highlights the club’s commitment to securing emerging talent who can contribute both now and in the future.

Flamengo’s strategy, despite the risk of controversy, reflects a long-term vision in managing the squad, prioritizing reinforcement with young promises capable of offering significant contributions to the team in important competitions. Marcos Braz’s statement about the choice to announce the signing of Carlinhos before the state final highlights Flamengo’s priority in protecting its sporting interests, highlighting a balance between political prudence and assertiveness in market negotiations, thus guaranteeing talents that strengthen the team on multiple fronts.

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