Zico asks the Flamengo board to make a hire


Flamengo finds itself at a decisive moment and full of expectations for the 2024 season, starting its journey in the Copa Libertadores this Tuesday (02), facing Millonarios (COL) in Bogotá, at the El Campín stadium. This clash marks the beginning of a series of challenges that the team will face in the South American competition, where they will also face Bolívar (BOL) and Palestino (CHI) in Group E​​.

In addition to focusing on the Libertadores and the second game of the Rio championship final, Flamengo has its eyes turned to the future, specifically to the 2025 Club World Cup. Zico, the club’s biggest idol, expressed his vision for this preparation, highlighting the Flamengo’s current strength and its credibility in the transfer market.

He suggests the club should aim high, stating: “Flamengo is very strong at the moment and has a lot of credibility in the (transfer) market, enough, in my opinion, to go out and try to sign one of the biggest names in world football, especially knowing that he will be in this tournament”. Zico emphasizes the importance of adding a “big name” to the squad, believing that this could significantly improve Flamengo’s chances against European teams.

With its qualification for the 2025 Club World Cup already guaranteed, thanks to winning the Libertadores 2022, Flamengo faces the challenge of preparing for a tournament that promises to be highly competitive, with a new format of 32 teams divided into eight groups. The presence of a world-class player in the squad is seen by Zico as an important difference for Flamengo’s success in this competition.

In this period of expectation and planning, Zico’s words resonate with a sense of optimism and ambition. He concludes his vision for Flamengo’s future with the following reflection: “As there is already a strong squad, it would be good to go after a big name, someone who is a level above. The more you strengthen the team, the better the results will be. Therefore, it makes sense to focus all efforts on strengthening the team enough to be able to face a European team.”. This focus on strengthening the squad reflects Flamengo’s desire to not only compete, but stand out on the international stage, especially as the 2025 Club World Cup approaches.

Flamengo’s Libertadores debut against Millonarios is not only the start of their campaign in the competition, but also a test of the club’s greater ambitions. The match, scheduled to start at 7pm (Brasília time), will be an important moment for Flamengo to demonstrate that it has the best squad in South America.

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