Palmeiras closes renewal with Puma as supplier of sports equipment; see details

Palmeiras closes renewal with Puma as supplier of sports equipment; see details
Palmeiras closes renewal with Puma as supplier of sports equipment; see details

Battle to supply SEP

O Palm trees he spoke to three brands to define who he would work with in the future as an official supplier of sports equipment. The situation was already turning into a soap opera, but the decision with Puma happened.

Palmeiras agrees renewal with Puma – Photo: Disclosure/Palmeiras/Puma

A Puma was the one who made the best offerwith an adjustment of 25% in relation to the amount currently paid, totaling R$50 million annually – between cash and royalties, according to information from the Nosso Palestra portal, which brought the agenda exclusively.

At a certain point, Palmeiras and Puma no longer spoke about renewal, and Adidas was close to the turn. The current supplier came to believe that it was very close to the end of the cycle, but everything changed.

Our Palestra stated that the Palmeiras agreed to renew the contract with Puma until the end of 2027. With this, the supplier continues to have Verdão as its main client on Brazilian soil.

More details of the agreement with the supplier

The company surpassed Adidas and Legea in the competition process proposed by Verdão. The brands were willing to return with force to the Brazilian scene, especially the second one mentioned, who also tries Flamengo.

Puma will continue to supply the club’s sporting goods for the next three years. The announcement is very close according to the social networks of both parties already preparing the material.

Does Palmeiras agree to stay with Puma?

Does Palmeiras agree to stay with Puma?


The new bond will have goals that could increase the figures to R$60 million, as reported by the portal. Adidas had very promising negotiations for its return, but in the end it lost the race.

The company needs to resolve pending issues in relation to the renewal with Flamengo, with whom it has worked since 2013, and I have been frozen in conversations in recent weeks, which has helped bring happiness closer.

Adidas lost the dispute

The brand tried to sign a new bond with the Rio team before continuing negotiations with Palmeiras. The Flamengo board denied the advances, as it is precisely waiting for the agreement with Verdão.

Football has been getting more and more values ​​in relation to agreements and Fla wanted to see the figures disclosed in the Palmeiras business precisely to know what amount it could charge interested parties.

With Leila Pereira’s return to São Paulo after being the head of the Brazilian team’s delegation, the matter was discussed again and the club forwarded the decision to Puma.

Adidas tried to offer a change in the initial proposal, with a lower amount in the first year of the contract, increasing over the years, which ruled out the possibility of an agreement and Puma won.

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