Neto fires against Flamengo and questions penalty at the end of the Carioca Championship

Neto fires against Flamengo and questions penalty at the end of the Carioca Championship
Neto fires against Flamengo and questions penalty at the end of the Carioca Championship

Neto needled Rubro-Negro

After a superior performance, Flamengo built a comfortable lead in the final of the Campeonato Carioca against Nova Iguaçu. The 3-0 victory left Rubro-Negro in a favorable position to win the state title.

However, the match was not without controversy, especially in relation to a penalty contested by presenter Neto before Pedro’s first goal. The former player considered that Nova Iguaçu was harmed on the field and ironized his own reaction to Flamengo’s victory.

“I was watching on Band… how cool, 3-0 at Nova Iguaçu. How good, right?! Flamengo played too much. What a penalty, right? It was a lot of penalty. He almost broke Ayrton Lucas’ leg. He fell after two days, and the guys gave him a penalty. They create an offside line on Pedro that is unbelievable”, said the professional.

Despite the controversy surrounding the move, the Gávea club’s superiority was undeniable, reflected in the construction of a significant advantage in the final. Pedro, twice, and Ronald, against, scored the goals.

Tite preaches caution for the return

After the game, coach Tite did not want to decree a definitive scenario for deciding the Campeonato Carioca title. Although the victory was significant, the coach preferred not to underestimate Nova Iguaçu.

The red-and-black commander praised the work done by the opposing team, who surprised by eliminating Vasco in the semifinals. These compliments highlight Fla’s respect for their rival and the coach’s cautious stance even in the face of a considerable advantage.

“Nova Iguaçu’s quality is no coincidence, it has a lot of qualified work and perhaps much superior to mine, because it doesn’t have all the equipment that Flamengo provides me. Without all these conditions, he manages to run an exemplary campaign”, he began.

“So, they had lost a game, but nothing has been decided. It is an advantage, yes, considerable, yes. But we are aware, especially because Flamengo and César (Sampaio) here, we have also started our careers and so has Carlos, and we know how to value that”, added Tite.

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Libertadores opponent rested

While Flamengo opted to use their maximum strength in the Campeonato Carioca final and achieved a convincing 3-0 victory over Nova Iguaçu, their next Libertadores opponents, Millonarios, adopted a different approach.

The Colombian team decided to rest almost all of its players in its last match, aiming for the clash with Rubro-Negro on Tuesday. This decision proved to be the right one, as even with a reduced team, Millonarios managed to win 2-1 away from home against Fortaleza-COL.

Highlights include goalkeeper Alvaro Montero, who took a penalty, and defender Juan Pablo Vargas, who scored one of the goals. These recent results were fundamental in boosting the club in the Bolivian Championship, placing it in the classification zone for the second phase of the competition.

Despite their delicate situation in the national championship, Millonarios’ main focus in 2024 is on the Libertadores. The club is included in Group E, along with Flamengo, Bolívar and Palestino.

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