Praia do Cardoso will host the first Brazilian Big Wave Surfing Championship

Praia do Cardoso will host the first Brazilian Big Wave Surfing Championship
Praia do Cardoso will host the first Brazilian Big Wave Surfing Championship

Laguna will once again go down in the history of big wave surfing. The Brazilian Surfing Confederation (CBSurf), in partnership with Big Waves Brasil (BWB), launched the CBSurf Big Wave Mormaii on Cardoso beach. According to the organizers, the event will go down in history, contributing to crowning the first Brazilian big wave surfing champion by CBSurf.

“It is an immense honor for us to strengthen big wave surfing, rewarding and crowning our first Brazilian big wave champion in the history of Brazilian surfing. CBSurf has the mission of taking care of surfing throughout the Brazilian territory, and the Big Surf is certainly one of the most important categories, given its history of great athletes in global big wave surfing”, highlights Paulo Mouravice president of CBSurf.

The event is part of the Santa Catarina State Government’s efforts to promote the sport’s scene on the south coast of Santa Catarina. The proposal is also to promote Sports and Event Tourism to contribute to regional socioeconomic development. The participation of the State Government takes place through the state deputy Soratto sterner (PL),of the federal deputy Julia Zanatta (PL)the Santa Catarina Sports Federation (Fesporte) and the lagoonense Black Crippa.

“The governor Jorginho Mello has always determined that we seek the potential of each region to promote tourism. Here in the south of the state, we have big wave surfing, which historically has never received the attention it deserves. But since last year we have been working with the Deputy Secretary of State Tourism, Catiane Seifand the representatives of Laje da Jagua, to change this scenario, giving visibility to this true treasure in our region”, says Soratto.

The best athletes in Brazil

As this is the first edition of this event, where there was no preliminary selection, CBSurf created a special list of athletes, handpicking the biggest highlights of the sport today.

“To create the list of athletes, we took into account their performance in previous national and world events, in addition to their current outstanding performance in freesurf sessions. There will also be a list of alternative athletes to replace athletes from the main list, who by In some eventuality they cannot participate”, explains Thiago Jacaré, Big Wave Surfing Coordinator at CBSurf and one of the founders of the Big Waves Brasil Movement.

Check out the list of invited athletes:

1 – Lucas Chumbo (RJ)

2 – Pedro Calado (RJ)

3 – Paulo Moura (PE)

4 – Gabriel Samps (RJ)

5 – Gabriel Sodre (RJ)

6 – Eric de Souza (RJ)

7 – Vinicius dos Santos (SC)

8 – Rodrigo Koxa (SP)

9 – Caio Vaz (RJ)

10- Marcos Monteiro (RJ)

11 – Lapo Coutinho (BA)

12 – Buday Santos (RN)

13 – Will Santana (RJ)

14 – Lucas Silveira (SC)

15 – Stephan Figueiredo (RJ)

16 – Ian Consenza (RJ)

17 – Kalani Lattanzi (RJ)

18 – Marco Polo (SC)

19 – Alemão Maresias (SP)

20 – Rafael Becker (SC)

21 – Carlos Henrique Guimarães (SC)

22 – Vitor Serafim (SC)

23 – Luiz Henrique (SC)

24 – Guilherme Hillel (RJ)

“Having the Big Wave Surfing Circuit endorsed by CBSurf will certainly take the category to another level, a level of professionalization for athletes, greater respect for big wave athletes and, certainly, opening doors for athletes to win sponsorship. Big Wave Surfing in Brazil will have a before and after CBSurf Big Wave, it will really put athletes at the top of the sport and professionalism”, he says Paulo Moura.

What will the event be like?

The opening of the event waiting window is scheduled for April 26, 2024, remaining open until November 30. Within this waiting window, when a large swell appears in the forecast graphs, the event organization will publish the yellow signal seven days in advance, warning of the possibility of holding the event. If the swell proves adequate, the green light will be given four days in advance, confirming the event will take place. If the swell is not confirmed, the red signal will be given, returning to waiting for a more suitable swell.

The day before the event, a Technical Conference will be held on the premises of Cardoso Surf Camping and Pousada, broadcast live on the CBSurfPLAY channel, explaining three topics to the public: Competition Methodology and Judging Criteria; Nautical Support and Rescue; Socio-environmental Management of the Event.

The event will be held in a single day, at the height of the big swell. At the end of the competition day, an Awards Ceremony will be held open to the public at Baiuka Pousada e Restaurante, with live music, press and live broadcast.


Realization: Brazilian Surfing Confederation (CBSurf) and Big Waves Brasil (BWB).

Homologation: Santa Marta Lighthouse Surfing and Tow-in Association (ASTFSM); Santa Catarina Surfing Federation (FECSURF); Brazilian Surfing Confederation (CBSURF).

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