Easter Sunday has strong training with a focus on the Libertadores debut

Easter Sunday has strong training with a focus on the Libertadores debut
Easter Sunday has strong training with a focus on the Libertadores debut

Tricolor works in the morning and Renato starts defining the team to work in La Paz

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Easter Sunday was a lot of work for the Grêmio squad. After a goalless draw with Juventude, this Saturday, in Caxias do Sul, in the first leg of the final of the Campeonato Gaúcho, Tricolor turns its attention to its debut in the Copa Libertadores da América, which will take place next Tuesday, in Bolivia. , in front of The Strongest.

This morning’s work, at CT Luiz Carvalho, was divided into two parts. The athletes who played at least 60 minutes against Juventude yesterday returned at 11am for recovery training. The others started their activities at 10 am on the lawn.

After warming up and a sequence of physical exercises, coach Renato Portaluppi gathered the group in the center of Field 1 and talked for approximately 10 minutes. Next, he led tactical work with a lot of movement and defensive and offensive actions from set pieces.

In the final part, now with three teams assembled on Field 2, an 8×8 contest in midfield. The away team could help if necessary. Soteldo, wearing a different color vest, acted as a joker when called upon by the team in possession of the ball.

The training saw the participation of 11 U20 athletes: Igor, José Guilherme, Viery, João Lima, Athos, Kaick, Caio Araújo, Cheron, Guga, Riquelme and Jardiel.

Defender Bruno Uvini, returning from injury, trained separately on Field 3 and ran around the pitch.

The delegation will take a chartered flight to Santa Cruz de La Sierra at 9am this Monday and will remain concentrated in the city until the day of the game. The schedule shows training at 4pm at the hotel itself. The trip to La Paz takes place on Tuesday afternoon. The game against The Strongest, at the Hernando Siles Stadium, starts at 8pm (local time), 9pm in Brazil.

Grêmio Rádio Umbro broadcasts the match live, direct from La Paz, from 8pm, on FM 95.5 and on Tricolor’s official YouTube channel. Grêmio’s social networks also follow the delegation closely on Bolivian soil.

Photo: Rodrigo Fatturi / Grêmio FBPA

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