App delivery man is attacked and robbed after trying to help dead woman in Betim

App delivery man is attacked and robbed after trying to help dead woman in Betim
App delivery man is attacked and robbed after trying to help dead woman in Betim

The Civil Police are investigating two distinct incidents, which crossed paths during the night of Tuesday (2), in the Vila Cristina neighborhood, in Betim, in greater BH. The first of them, the murder of a 39-year-old woman. The second, the assault on a 63-year-old man, an app-based motorcyclist.

According to the Military Police (PM), the man reported that he was going to pick up a package in the Duque de Caxias neighborhood, also in Betim. When he passed by Adutora Várzea das Flores street, he found a woman lying in the street and decided to help her. When he was turning the motorcycle, a black Gol model car allegedly closed in on him. Three men allegedly disembarked, knocking him to the ground and attacking him with punches and kicks, saying he was “going to die”.

The man’s report also indicates that one of the suspects was armed, and that he pointed the gun in his direction. However, the revolver would have “chewed”. The suspects then ordered the motorcyclist to run.

The victim complied, however, once inside the car, the thieves allegedly tried to run him over. Throwing himself into a thicket, the man escaped. The motorcycle and his personal effects were taken. Asking for help from a pedestrian who lent him his cell phone, the motorcyclist called the police.

Woman found dead with head injuries

Military personnel arrived at the scene and found the body of the 39-year-old woman. She had head injuries and no vital signs.

The victim’s husband stated that the woman had left the house at around 7:30 pm, driving her vehicle, a silver Tucson model, saying that she was going to “get some money” from an acquaintance. He was unable to give details about his partner’s actions.

He also said that the woman’s vehicle had GPS, but the company hired for the service only monitored the car after 8am. The expert found third-party documents in the woman’s bag, which was close to the body. Bank and medical plan cards, as well as a device similar to a recorder.

Man managed to identify two suspects

The motorcyclist told police officers that two of the suspects fled in a Gol model car, and the third took his motorcycle, as well as personal items. The suspect who was armed was brown, thin, with a tattoo on his face and wore dark sweatshirts. The second was of medium height, thin and black. Everyone fled towards Via Expressa.

Woman had protective measure against her son

Sources linked to Itatiaia reported that the woman victim of the homicide had an urgent protective measure against her son, who is a drug user. In September last year, she allegedly contacted the police against him.

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