Robinho’s defense files an appeal with the STF to ask for the former player’s freedom

Robinho’s defense files an appeal with the STF to ask for the former player’s freedom
Robinho’s defense files an appeal with the STF to ask for the former player’s freedom

Robinho’s defense filed an appeal with the STF asking for his arrest to be revoked so that he can await the analysis of appeals against the STJ’s decision to order the fulfillment of his 9-year sentence for rape in Italy.

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The defense of former player Robinho presented an appeal to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) this Tuesday, 2nd, asking for the revocation of his arrest. The lawyers request that the Court allow him to await the analysis of the appeals against the decision of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), which ordered the immediate execution of the 9-year sentence for the rape conviction in the Italian Court.

According to information from TV Globo, lawyers are questioning the decision of Minister Luiz Fux, who denied habeas corpus and allowed the sentence to begin, as determined by the STJ. The defense argues that, as there is still the possibility of appealing against the STJ’s decision, it would not be appropriate to order the former player’s arrest.

“By the same principle of the presumption of innocence, the execution of the sentence established in a foreign sentence cannot be determined if its execution in Brazil has not been definitively established.”

Lawyers say the arrest is illegal. “In order to respect due legal process with the execution of the sentence imposed by a foreign country, it is necessary to ensure full defense and due legal process with the final and unappealable decision of ratifying the foreign sentence.”

On March 21, Robinho was detained in Santos to serve a nine-year sentence for the crime of gang rape committed against an Albanian woman in 2013, in Milan, after being ultimately convicted by the Italian courts.

As Brazil does not extradite its own citizens, Rome asked the former Milan striker to serve time in his country.

Thus, the request for approval of the sentence was analyzed on March 20th by the Special Court of the STJ, which by a score of 9 votes to 2 decided that the former player serve his sentence in Brazilian territory, a measure with immediate effect .

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