PT and PL lawyers didn’t like it

PT and PL lawyers didn’t like it
PT and PL lawyers didn’t like it

The judge Luciano Carrasco Falavinha dismantled on Monday, the 1st, the accusations made by PL and PT against the senator’s campaign Sergio Moro (União-PR). One by one, They fell at the Regional Electoral Court of Paraná (TRE-PR) at the hands of the case’s rapporteur, the allegations that the former judge benefited from his pre-campaigns for the Presidency of the Republic and the Senate for São Paulo to be elected senator for Paraná in 2022. The PT and liberal lawyers were left to fight.

“It was a vote that, for us, is quite wrong on several premises. I think he ends up accepting a lot of excuses from Moro to erase the truckload of money he injected into his pre-campaign”he said Luiz Eduardo Peccinin (photo), PT lawyer, at Folha de S.Paulo.

Already Bruno Cristaldilawyer for the PL, said that “the rapporteur’s vote was quite complacent on a very delicate point, where (sic) he disregarded the expenses of a presidential campaign as if they were expenses that could not be counted due to an abuse of economic power”.


For Cristaldi, who represents the action presented by the former deputy Paulo Martins (PL), defeated by Moro in 2022, the case rapporteur’s interpretation “It sets a very dangerous precedent for people running for office with a much higher campaign ceiling, knowing that they can make an expense that will not be included in a subsequent campaign”.

Interestingly, Falavinha argued that the danger would be to consider the opposite, as the expense of any unsuccessful majority pre-campaign would make it impossible for that same candidate to compete for other positions in the election.

The judge said that the actions questioning Moro’s election did not demonstrate the former judge’s deliberate and declared intention to run for the Senate in the state of Paraná since the beginning of his pre-campaign for Palácio do Planalto — which would be necessary to prove the abuse of economic power.

Falavinha also highlighted that it was an action by the PT itself against changing electoral domicile that made Moro’s candidacy for the Senate for São Paulo unfeasible.

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The trial was interrupted due to the judge’s request for a view. José Rodrigo Sade and continues on Wednesday, 3. Regardless of the result in TRE-PR, the issue must end up in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) after the losing side files an appeal. The TSE has the final say on the case.

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