‘Crazy talk, I felt bad’

‘Crazy talk, I felt bad’
‘Crazy talk, I felt bad’

Detonated! Fernanda, from ‘BBB24’, criticizes an interview with Ana Maria Braga and admits discomfort: ‘Crazy talk, I felt bad’.

Photo: Reproduction, TV Globo / Purepeople

The chat between Ana Maria Braga with the new contestant from “BBB 24” caused controversy on social media. After leaving the reality show, Fernanda was invited to have breakfast with the presenter on “Mais Você”, but found herself amidst a barrage of criticism and barbs from the blonde.

At the entrance of Estúdios Globo, the confectioner was approached by fans who commented on the interview and she admitted to being uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. “I felt bad, what crazy talk is this? I was like: ‘what happened?'”, she commented, showing unhappiness with Ana Maria Braga.

Then, Fernanda said that she went into the interview without knowing what was going to be covered and stated that she was not briefed or at least had some type of preparation. “Nobody says anything”, she assured her, adding about Ana Maria Braga’s attitude: “I was uncomfortable, I’m not going to lie to you”.

Finally, she received a doll and a sign reading “don’t cry, little doll” as a gift from her fans, which became her catchphrase after a bad fight with Allane in confinement.

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