Cause of the world’s most famous anaconda death revealed; animal lived in MS


Cause of death of world’s most famous anaconda revealed

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Spotted by several tourists from Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, who were enchanted by its size, the anaconda Ana Julia He died on Sunday, the 24th, and aroused the curiosity of Internet users to know how this would have happened. On the internet, the possibility of human interference was even raised. However, state authorities guarantee that it was due to natural causes.

The almost 7 meter snake did not go unnoticed even at the time of death. This story began last week when wildlife documentary filmmaker Christian Dimitrius published that Ana Júlia was found dead on the banks of the Formoso River. It had gone viral a few days earlier through a recording by the Dutch biologist Freek Vonk.

Since then, some internet users have started trying to deduce the cause of the animal’s death. The hypotheses of human interference and even violent death by firearm were raised. However, no guesses got the real reason right: natural cause.

According to the Scientific Police of Mato Grosso do Sul, veterinary expertise did not find any type of gunshot wound in Ana Júlia, not even a fracture in the head region. The conclusion, then, was that the anaconda died as a result of some pathology or issue specific to the disease. habitatwithout any human interference.

The most famous anaconda in the world lived in Bonito, MS

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @cdimitrius

Story went viral

The anaconda already had the nickname “most famous in the world” when it took to social media to find the cause of its death. On March 24, documentary filmmaker Cristian Dimitrius published the statement on his Instagram profile. The tone in the caption was one of denunciation and outrage at what he found.

“How sad, how angry. Who would have done such nonsense? (…) I’m just saying that it won’t stay like this, we will investigate and go after this person”, wrote Dimitrius. For him, Ana Júlia would have been shot dead. The publication spread across the internet and generated a series of comments from indignant internet users.

“Revolting is an understatement,” said one follower. “We have to find whoever did it and really punish them!” wrote another. Since the case went viral, the documentary filmmaker has also published interesting facts about the anaconda and told a little more about his relationship with the approximately 6.5 meter long animal.

Dimitrius also reposted the video of Dutch biologist Freek Vonk with Ana Júlia. The record, which was successful outside of Brazil, shows Vonk dressed in formal clothes and swimming alongside the anaconda. After the animal’s death was confirmed, this was considered the last moment captured of Ana Júlia alive.

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