With 0% public approval, beloved ANIMATION sequence premieres on Prime Video


The beloved and fun animation from DreamWorks, ‘Megamind’won a sequel titled ‘Megamind vs. the Syndicate of Doom‘ (Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate) – which has just debuted on Prime Video taking 5th place among the most watched titles.

In the plot written by Alan Schoolcraft It is Brent Simons (writers of the original), Megamind’s old team of villains known as the Syndicate of Doom have returned. Now it’s up to the newly crowned blue hero to keep up evil appearances until he can rally his friends to stop his former evil allies from launching Metro City to the Moon.

Directed by Eric Fogelthe film was released directly on the streaming platform Peacock due to budget constraints.

After the announcement, fans already feared that this could result in a slight drop in the quality of the animation… And that’s what happened.

At the Rotten Tomatoes, the production recorded 0% public approvala rare feat for any production.

Additionally, the film will have a spin-off animated series called ‘Megamind Rules!’ (Megamente in Command! – free translation).

The animated series ‘Megamind Rules!’ will also be made available on the platform, consisting of eight episodes, and is considered a complement to the new film.

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Schoolcraft It is simonstake on the role of executive producers, together with Eric Fogel.

Both the film and the series are now available on Prime Video.

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