SILVIO: Film about Brazil’s most popular presenter gets new poster and teaser with Rodrigo Faro – Behind the Scenes


Based on facts, the film was defined by the protagonist as the biggest challenge of his career and hits theaters on September 5th.

Silvio Santosthe greatest presenter on Brazilian television, will have his story told for the first time in cinemas in “SILVIO”. Directed by Marcelo Antunez (“O Speaker”, “Polícia Federal: A Lei é Para Todos”) and written by Anderson Almeida, the film is scheduled for release in September 5th at the movies. Based on real events and using the kidnapping that marked Brazil as a guiding thread, the film reveals secrets and curiosities behind one of the country’s most iconic figures, presenting a Silvio Santos that people have never seen.

SILVIO” stars Rodrigo Faro, who made an exception and returned to acting after a 15-year hiatus, just for this role. The actor himself, who had the blessing of Silvio Santos to play him, defines the project as the biggest challenge of his career to this day. In the unprecedented teaser, Silvio appears wistful, in the living room of his home, and tells the photograph of Manuel da Nóbrega – the man who gave him his great professional opportunity and became a close friend – about his day, full of great emotions.

“Playing Silvio in the cinema was definitely the biggest challenge of my career to date. He has always been and is a reference communicator for me. When I was little and went to SBT to participate in his program, I would hide in the audience, watching him present, and I imagined that one day I could be on stage just like him, being a presenter, a communicator”comments Faro. “After I became a presenter, I had the opportunity to meet Silvio on the stage of his program to receive the press trophy a few times, and I always wanted to pay some tribute to him. And now I’m having the opportunity to make this great tribute in life – a film about Silvio Santos for Brazil and, why not, for the whole world to see and know the story of this incredible guy! I’m very happy and excited about this debut. It took 40 days to shoot the film – more than three hours of characterization per day – all of this simultaneously with the recording of my programs at Record. The result was beautiful and exciting. I hope Brazil receives this film with lots of love, because Silvio Santos deserves this honor.”concludes Faro.

The cast also includes names like Johnnas Oliva, as the kidnapper Fernando Dutra Pinto, Vinícius Ricci, Fellipe Castro, Polliana Aleixo, Adriana Lodoño, Ana Paula Lopez, Marjorie Gerardi, Duda Mamberti and Paulo Gorgulho. Produced by Moonshot Pictures, Maristela Filmes, FJ Produções, DIS Group and co-produced by Paramount Pictures, the film, distributed by Imagem Filmes, hits theaters in September 5th.


In addition to happiness, a chest can also hold many secrets. Based on real events, Silvio Santos (Rodrigo Faro) recalls his life story and reveals behind-the-scenes events that were never shown. During the kidnapping that marked Brazil, the presenter must fight to protect his family and his legacy while facing one of the most challenging moments of his life.


Duration: 1h52 minutes

Director: Marcelo Antunez

Producers: Roberto d’Avila, Marco Audrá, Fabio Golombek, Ricardo Scalamandré

Executive Production: Suraia Lenktaitis

Screenplay: Anderson Almeida

Structural script treatment: Newton Cannito

Script collaboration: Ana Luiza Savassi, Cadu Machado, Juliana Koch, Ricardo Inhan

Director of Photography: Uli Burtin, ABC

Art Direction: Antônio de Freitas

Cast Production Director: Cássia Guindo

Editing: Renato Lima

Costume design: Francine Marson

Head of Characterization: Mari Figueiredo

Makeup: Fabi Akamine

Direct sound: Marcelo Raposo

Sound Design: Luiz Adelmo, ABC

Soundtrack: Xuxa Levy

Production: Maristela Filmes, Moonshot Pictures, FJ Productions, Dis Group.

Co-production: Paramount Pictures

Distribution: Imagem Filmes

Sponsorship: Sabesp, Raízen, EMS, Liquigás/Copa Energia

Supported by the Filming Attraction Program for the City and State of São Paulo

Government of the State of São Paulo, through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy (PROAC)

Support: Quanta, Monstercam

Support: Spcine, City of São Paulo (tourism), Proac – CultSP, Secretariat of Culture, Economy and Creative Industry SP — Gov, BRDE, Ancine, Ministry of Culture.

Cast: Rodrigo Faro, Johnnas Oliva, Vinícius Ricci, Fellipe Castro, Marjorie Gerardi, Eduardo Reyes, Bruna Aiiso, Duda Mamberti, Lara Córdula, Adriana Londoño, Polliana Aleixo. Guest star: Paulo Gorgulho.

About the director

Director, screenwriter and producer, Marcelo began his career in the mid-90s as a director of advertising films for the largest agencies in the country, several of which won awards at national and international festivals.

He was Assistant Director on the feature films Until Luck Do Us Part 2 (2013), The Honest Candidate (2014) It is Upside down (2010).

As a director, he directed major box office hits such as Any Stray Cat 2 (2015), A Lucky Suburban (2016), Until Luck Do Us Part 3 (2015), Federal Police – The Law is for Everyone (2017), where, in addition to being director, he also collaborated on the script, The Speaker (2022), for which he received the Best Film Award from the popular jury on the 22ndna Brazilian Film Festival in Miami, Wanted (2022 – HBO Max – first place most watched in Brazil and fourth in the world), Silvio Santos – The Kidnapping (Paramount / Image) – film about the kidnapping of presenter Silvio Santos – released in 2024, Rodeo Rock (romantic comedy starring Lucas Lucco and Carla Diaz, released in October 2023) and Garden of Sunflowers (drama/suspense, with Rodrigo Lombardi and Fernanda Vasconcellos, released in the 2nd half of 2024) who, in addition to being a director, was also a screenwriter.

As a producer, he directed, together with Roberto Santucci, the feature film Hallucinated (winner of the Best Film award at the Madrid Brazilian Film Festival, Best Film – Popular Vote at the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival, Best Film – Popular Vote at the Paulínia Festival and Best Actor at the Paraná Festival).

Moonshot Pictures

Moonshot Pictures operates in the creation, development and production of audiovisual content for cinema and TV, having already created more than 1000 episodes for television and streaming, 50 thousand minutes of audiovisual content that are divided into a variety of productions within fiction series, feature films, reality shows and documentary series.

Founded in 2001 by producer Roberto d’Avila, it has already produced renowned formats and such as the renowned “Therapy session” (Globo Play and GNT), In Luna’s World (HBO Max), Santo Forte (AXN)9mm: São Paulo” (Fox), nonfiction shows like “Airport — Restricted Area” (Discovery), “That will be sweet”(GNT), “The Taste Brazil” (GNT), “Cooks in Action” (GNT), as well as films such as “Predestined: Arigó and the spirit of Dr. Fritz”, “Last Stop 174”, “Magal and the Ants”, “Dear Mom”, “Rá-Tim-Bum Island“, “Eliana and the Secret of the Dolphins”, and international co-productions such as “Rosario Tijeras” It is “‘The Mystery of the Sintra Road“, between others.

FJ Productions

Based in Los Angeles and São Paulo, FJ Produções was founded by award-winning TV and film producer Fábio Golombek 25 years ago. FJ has produced more than twenty films, such as “Amor Por Acaso” (PlayArte 2010), “A Brasileira” (H2O-2013), “Um Domingo de Chuva” (“Like Sunday, Like Rain” – Monterrey Media-2014) and “The Experimenter” (“The Experimenter”- Magnolia Pictures-2015), “In Vino” (2017– LionsGate) and “Saving Flora” (2018 — Synckonized), “Predestined: Arigó and the Spirit of Dr. Fritz” (2022). On television and streaming in Brazil, the series “Desjuntado” with Leticia Lima and Gabriel Godoy (Amazon Prime), “Menos é Demais” (Discovery), “Gil na Califonia” (GloboPlay) and “Aberto para Compras” (History) stand out. ). In the USA, “TNT Buzz” (TNT), “The Hollywood News Report” (HBO and Starz) and “The man and his prostate” (Netflix) stand out.

Paramount Pictures Brazil

Paramount Pictures Brasil has been operating in the audiovisual market in Brazil since 1916, focusing on its original content, but also promoting and supporting the development of Brazilian cinema by investing in local content. The distributor was responsible for distributing national classics, such as “Vinicius” (2005), “Tropa de Elite” (2007), “Última Parada 174” (2008), “Homem do Futuro” (2011) and “Raul — O beginning, the End and the Middle” (2012) to name a few. Today the studio acts as co-producer of several national productions, such as “Os Homem São de Marte” (2014), “Loucas pra Casar” (2015), “O Shaolin do Sertão” (2016), “Minha Mãe é uma Peça 2” (2016), “Minha Mãe é uma Peça 3” (2019), “Turma da Mônica – Laços” (2019), “Turma da Mônica – Lições” (2021) and Minha Irmã e Eu (2024) among others.

Maristela Films

Maristela Filmes is the oldest active film production company in Brazil. Founded in 1950, by producer Mario Audrá Júnior. He has several important awards, such as the Palme d’Or in Cannes and the Silver Bear in Berlin for the Brazil-Italy co-production of the documentary “Magia Verdi”.

He also participated in the dubbing market with the company AIC São Paulo, dubbing several film titles and television series, including in Spanish.

Producer Mario Audrá’s market vision, as well as his legacy for the cinema industry, continued with his son Marco Audrá who, in 2009, reactivated Cinematographic Production with a new production plan for feature films and Documentaries: “Art in Action”, “Esmeralda – The Jewel of Flamenco”, “Condomínio Calçada”, “A Perceição”, “Diversity in Action”, “Real — The Plan Behind History”, “Carnival in A Minor”, “Dreams of a Dreamer”

DIS Group

DIS is a company founded by renowned advertiser Ricardo Scalamandré in 2017, with the mission dedicated to fostering strategic partnerships in the audiovisual market.
With a trajectory of more than four decades in the media and entertainment industry, both in Brazil and abroad, it has always stood out for its involvement in the development and management of productions, advertising, promotions, live events, sports marketing, as well as sales and content distribution.
DIS is currently embarking on its first foray into producing a Brazilian feature film, marking a new chapter in its journey.

Image Films

Imagem Filmes is a national company that operates in the country’s entertainment market as a distributor of independent films. Committed to the quality and variety of productions, the company works in the cinema and television segments, and is responsible for launching major national productions, including: “Mamonas Assassinas: O Filme”, ​​”Turma da Mônica Jovem: Reflexos do Fear”, “Desapega!”, “Veneza”, “Jailers: The Movie” and “It’s Fairy!”. In addition to international productions, such as the award-winning “VICE” and hits such as “The Expendables 4”, “Pinocchio”, “Rambo: Until the End”, “The Witch of the Dead: Baghead” and “Mary and Hansel: A Witch’s Tale “.

Supported by the Filming Attraction Program for the City and State of São Paulo

Government of the State of São Paulo, through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy (PROAC)

Sponsorship: Sabesp, Raízen, EMS, Liquigás

Support: Quanta, Monstercam

Support: Spcine, City of São Paulo (tourism), Proac – CultSP, Secretariat of Culture, Economy and Creative Industry SP — Gov, BRDE, Ancine, Ministry of Culture.

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