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This week’s Avengers #12, by Jed MacKay and Francesco Mortarino, ties into the end-of-the-Krakoan-era event, Fall Of X, heading into “From The Ashes.” It’s only fair, since Jed MacKay will write one of the new monthly X-Men titles in July. This week’s Avengers #12 features an attack on a familiar-looking structure. An Orchis Sentinel factory in Alaska being destroyed by the Avengers. It looks very similar to the new X-Men base – which is also in Alaska according to a preview previously posted by Ryan Stegman.


It looks like instead of waiting for Free Comic Book Day, the From The Ashes era of the X-Men begins this Wednesday with Avengers #12. And that Cyclops’ new team will build their new life from the wreckage of the old base. In the preview we also have the 3D Man working for MODOK who, in turn, is working for Orchis.

From the official summary: “THE FALL OF Iron Man was preparing. Now, at his signal, the time has come, and the Avengers know only one way to strike: with force!”

Issue #12 also comes with variant covers by Cory Smith, Lucas Werneck and Pete Woods, in addition to the official cover by Stuart Immonen.


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