Understand film that general ordered Moraes to watch in a coup tone

Understand film that general ordered Moraes to watch in a coup tone
Understand film that general ordered Moraes to watch in a coup tone

Reserve general Paulo Chagas caught the attention of internet users by recommending, in a coup-like and warning tone, that the president of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court), Alexandre de Moraes, watch the film “300” (2007), which tells the Battle of Thermopylae fought between Greeks and Persians in the year 480 BC

Through his Twitter profile, Chagas was upset by Moraes’ determination to reject a lawsuit filed by the PL to annul millions of votes in the second round of elections, which could benefit the defeated president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). As the party did not present any evidence to prove the accusation, the minister rejected the coup report and imposed a fine of BRL 22.9 million on the PL, the Republicans and the PP, which make up the coalition “Pelo Bem do Brasil”.

In the publication, the general puts Moraes in the role of Xerxes, the Persian king who, although he defeated the Spartan leader Leonidas in the epic conflict narrated in history books and in the movies, lost the general war.

Paulo Chagas also recalled that Xerxes was wounded in the face by a spear from Leonidas, in a warning that “he was not immortal”—this part, however, was portrayed in the film, but there are no records that this actually happened. occurred in reality.

“I invite Alexandre de Moraes to watch the movie ‘300 of Esparta’ in the scene where Leonidas, at the end of the fight in Thermopylae, in a last gesture, throws his spear towards Xerxes and wounds him in the face reminding him that he he was not immortal. The Persians won the battle, but not the war”, he published.

Understand the film and historical context

The film “300”, directed by Zack Snyder, starring Gerard Butler (Leônidas) and Rodrigo Santoro (Xerxes), portrays one of the most famous conflicts of the Medical Wars, which took place between 500-448 BC, between Greeks and Persians, who dueled for the dominance of the ancient world.

Warlike conflicts were portrayed in the writings of Herodotus and later updated by history books, and used as inspiration for literature, such as a comic book written by Frank Miller about the Battle of Thermopylae, in which the dispute takes place. between Leonidas and Xerxes which, in turn, inspired Zack Snyder.

Xerxes 1st of Persia, son of Darius 1st, began an attack against Greece to avenge his father’s defeat by the Greeks in the battle of Marathon, in 490 BC The context of war made the Greek cities unite to defend the territory against the Persian commander.

Despite his army being much smaller in number when compared to the Persians, the king and general of Sparta, Leonidas, gathered 300 of his best men, the elite of his army, plus dozens of fighters, to try to stop the opponent. The dispute was fought in the gorge of Thermopylae. The site was chosen by Leonidas because it was a narrow region, which could benefit the Greeks who were outnumbered.

The film directed by Snyder portrays Leonidas’ childhood, as the upbringing of the Spartans, which was focused on war. Taking advantage of poetic license, the filmmaker adopted a somber tone to narrate the conflict and also to convey the message he wanted.

The distortions between what actually happened and what is narrated in the film is right from the beginning, in the harsh conditions of Leonidas’ military training. Although in fact the men were trained from an early age, imposed on precarious and risky situations, those who belonged to the elite had a milder training.

Another important point changed by Snyder is about the reason that led Ephialtes to betray Leonidas, at a time when the Greeks were able to bravely resist the attacks of the Persians.

In the feature, Elfiates, who was not considered an elite warrior, passes valuable information to the Persian king after being rejected by Leonidas, who does not accept his entry into the elite of the Spartan army. In fact, Elfiates, who was a local and had good geographical knowledge of the area, traded information about the territory for money.

Regarding the moment in the film when Leonidas wounds Xerxes with a spear in his mouth, no historical document proves that this actually happened, after all, the Persian leader was constantly protected by his army.


After the success that was “300”, the film gained a sequel released in 2014, “300: The Rise of an Empire”, and would gain a third act, but was canceled by Warner Bros.

Last year, Zack Snyder said he even wrote a third script for “300”, focused on a gay romance between Alexander the Great and Helfestio. The project would be called “Blood and Ashes”. However, the studio considered that the homoerotic script “did not fit” for a third installment of the franchise and it was shelved.

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