Colatina rider dies during motocross competition in MG


Video records the moment when Douglas Nunes Andreatta, 18, falls from a motorcycle during one of the races of the 3rd Stage of the Copa Norte

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Published on 09/04/2022 at 18:16

Douglas Nunes Andreatta, 18 years old, died during the 3rd Stage of the North Motocross Cup in Itabirinha (MG). Credit: Instagram/ Reproduction

An 18-year-old died during a motocross competition this Sunday (4) in Itabirinha, Minas Gerais. Douglas Nunes Andreatta, a resident of Colatina, in the Northwest of the state, was participating in one of the races of the 3rd Stage of the North Cup at the time of the accident. He was rescued to Hospital São Lucas, in the municipality of Minas Gerais, where the death was confirmed.

The Military Police confirmed the accident and reported that the competition was closed shortly after the accident. A video recorded by people participating in the competition shows the exact moment of the accident. The images are strong.

The Municipality of Itabirinha released a note of condolence on its social media, in which it announces official mourning for three days and informs that it is providing all assistance to the pilot’s family. “We express our sincere feelings and regrets. May God comfort all the family members”, the text reads.

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