SKIC Brasil opens vacancies in Minas Gerais

SKIC Brasil, a subsidiary of Chilean Sigdo Koppers, which works with a focus on engineering and construction, announced the opening of vacancies in Minas Gerais. In all, there are more than 1,000 jobs available for a new project in the mining sector in the Itabirito region, located in the interior of the state.

The chances are for the positions of Quality Coordinator, Work Safety Engineer, EVS/LP/PM Inspector, Instrumentation and Electrical Inspector, Quality Inspector, Receiving Inspector, Designers, Surveyors, Documentation Technician, Planning Technician , Measurement and Cost Technician, Materials Technician, Quality Control Technician, Boilers, Power and Control Electricians, Instrumentalists, Occupational Physician, Nursing Technician, Occupational Nurse, Occupational Safety Technician, Warehouse Supervisor, Warehouse , Quality Control Technician, IT Technician, Buyer, Purchasing Assistant, Planning Engineer, Planning Technician, Production Engineer (Mechanic), Industrial Plumber, Industrial Painter, Instrumentalist, Specialist in Optical Fiber and Assembler of Metallic Structures.

The required requirements vary according to the desired position and, according to the company, when the project reaches its construction peak, new vacancies are foreseen for different areas and functions. The company did not disclose the official value of salaries and benefits offered.

how to apply

Those interested in participating in the SKIC selection process should send an updated curriculum vitae to the email: [email protected], informing the desired position in the subject.

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