Benefit Taxi driver pays second batch to 1,600 taxi drivers in Amazonas

Benefit Taxi driver pays second batch to 1,600 taxi drivers in Amazonas
Benefit Taxi driver pays second batch to 1,600 taxi drivers in Amazonas

Manaus (AM) – With almost a third of the concessions made in the North Region, Amazonas has 1,689 taxi drivers covered by the Taxist Benefit. The payment of the first two installments took place this week, Tuesday (30), and corresponds to the second batch of the first stage of the program. The data are from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, which coordinates the action.

In relation to the North, Pará is the leader in number of beneficiaries with 2,309 professionals who received two installments of R$ 1 thousand each, referring to the months of July and August. Amazonas appears in second place.

The other states in the region had less than a thousand beneficiaries. In descending order, they are: Rondônia (465); Acre (289); Tocantins (249); Amapa (120); and Roraima (102).

Across Brazil, 31,867 taxi drivers benefited this week. The Northeast Region, with 11,373 people served by the benefit, occupies the first place in the national ranking in number of taxi drivers covered. Then come the Southeast (10,090); the North (5,223); the South (3,715); and, lastly, the Central-West Region, with 1,466 beneficiaries.

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Nationally, the states that stood out in terms of number of professionals covered by the second batch of payments were: São Paulo (3,811); Bahia (3,418); Minas Gerais (3,006); Rio de Janeiro (2,827); and Pernambuco (2,675).

The first batch of the benefit was paid on August 16, when 245,213 drivers received the amounts for the months of July and August. Altogether, there are 277,080 taxi drivers covered by the program’s resources, amounting to R$ 554 million.


A third batch of payment to taxi drivers, who meet the established criteria, is scheduled to take place from September 24th. To enter this third group of recipients, the driver must be registered by the city hall or municipal entity until September 12th.

It is important to remember that those who received the first two installments during the first batch of payments on August 16th will not receive any amount at this time. The third installment of the benefit is scheduled for this audience also on September 24th.

The Taxi Benefit is deposited in a digital social savings account automatically opened by CAIXA on behalf of the beneficiaries, with movement through the CAIXA Tem application. The beneficiary does not need to register or send account data to the bank.

If the social account is not used for up to 90 days, the funds will be collected from the National Treasury.


The Taxi Driver Benefit was established by Constitutional Amendment No. 123, of July 2022, as emergency assistance in dealing with the state of emergency resulting from the extraordinary and unpredictable rise in the price of oil, fuels and their derivatives and the social impacts arising from them.

Taxi drivers registered with city halls until May 31, 2022, who are holders of a concession, permit, license or authorization issued by the municipal or district government are entitled to the benefit. The proper regularity of the National Driver’s License (CNH) and the Individual Taxpayer’s Registry (CPF) is a mandatory requirement of the program.

The Taxi Driver Benefit is valid until December 2022. The amount of installments and the value of the benefit may be adjusted according to the number of registered beneficiary drivers and the global resource limit. The maximum amount is R$ 1,000 per installment.

Municipal managers are responsible for sending data from drivers in their municipality who meet the criteria for the Taxi Driver Benefit. The deadline for submitting this information is September 12.

The registration will be done through the DATAPREV system, available at this link, which must be accessed by the local manager.

The Ministry of Labor and Welfare prepared a booklet for municipal managers, teaching the step-by-step process of registering their Federation Unit, as well as the inclusion of data from taxi drivers in their municipality. The tutorial is available here.

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