The new PTB candidate for the Planalto after Jefferson is prevented

After the Electoral Court barred Roberto Jefferson’s candidacy for the presidency this Thursday (09/01) and gave the PTB 10 days to choose new names for the presidency and for the post of vice on the ticket, the party has already made its choice.

According to leaders of the acronym, who will assume the party’s candidacy for the Planalto will be the Bahian Kelmon Luís da Silva Souza, until then vice-president in Jefferson’s ticket. Known as Father Kelmon, he calls himself an orthodox priest but is not part of the communion of the Orthodox Churches in Brazil.

The religious gained some notoriety for pro-Bolsonaro statements on social media. Jefferson’s allies claim that Kelmon will vocalize what the acronym’s chief intended to say in the election campaign.

For the vice on the ticket, the party should nominate Pastor Luiz Cláudio Gamonal, director of the PTB’s Conservative Christian Movement.

***pre-candidates for the presidency

The first round of the election for President of the Republic is scheduled for October 2, 2022 Rafaela Felicciano / Metropolis

***Facade of the Planalto Palace

With a scenario still far from being defined, there is already talk of at least 11 pre-candidates for the Palácio do Planalto. Some are made official by the parties; others, not yetRaimundo Sampaio/Esp. metropolises

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Colored photography by Ciro Gomes. He is a white male with straight gray hair slicked to the side. In the photo, he appears with open arms, in the midst of a crowd.***Brasília (DF), 09/21/2018 – Event: Ciro Gomes Campaign – Location Núcleo Bandeirante Photo: JP Rodrigues/Special for Metrópoles

Ciro Gomes (PDT) – The party’s leadership says that Ciro is a pre-candidate, but, after the first round of voting for the PEC of the Precatórios, the politician withdrew the name for disagreeing with the partyJP Rodrigues/Special for Metropolis

Color photography by Felipe D'ávila. He is a white male with straight gray hair slicked to the side. In the photo, he appears speaking into a microphone, with the index finger of his right hand raised. He wears a light blue shirt. The blurred background is orange and reads New***Felipe D’ávila, pre-candidate for the 2022 elections

Felipe d’Ávila (Novo) – The Novo party launched the political scientist Felipe d’Ávila as a pre-candidate of the legend for the Presidency of the RepublicReproduction / Instagram

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Color photograph of President Jair Bolsonaro. He is a white male with straight gray hair slicked to the side.***Jair Bolsonaro, pre-candidate

Jair Bolsonaro (PL) – Bolsonaro’s affiliation to the Liberal Party is aimed at presidential re-election. However, the name of the representative has not yet been made official as a pre-candidate.Alan Santos/PR

Eymael, pre-candidate for the Presidency - Metrópoles****Photo-Eymael-a-Christian-Democrat

Eymael (DC) – Eymael has been presented since 2020 as a pre-candidate of the Christian Democracy (DC) for the PresidencyRafaela Felicciano / Metropolis

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Color photography by Leonardo Pericles. He is a man, black, curly hair, black, short in size. In the photo, he appears with open arms. He wears a white t-shirt and a green jacket over it. He wears a blue surgical mask.***Leonardo Péricles, pre-candidate

Leonardo Péricles (UP) – Official president of the acronym, Péricles is a pre-candidate and will run for president of Brazil in 2022Emiliana Silbertein/ Amanda Alves/ Manuelle Coelho/ Jorge Ferreira

Color photograph in which former president Lula appears speaking in front of a microphone, with the index finger of his right hand raised. He wears formal clothes and a beard***Lula, pre-candidate

Luiz Inácio Lula da Sila (PT) – The former president has not yet officially assumed the pre-candidacy, but he has been moving to face the main opponents in 2022Fábio Vieira / Metropolis

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Color photography by Simone Tebet. He is a white, straight-haired, black woman of medium size. In the photo, she appears speaking in front of a microphone, with her hands open. She wears a dark blue dress with 3/4 sleeves. The blurred background is blue***Simone Tebet, pre-candidate

Simone Tebet (MDB)Igo Estrela / Metropolis

Sofia Manzano, politician, has blond hair, fair skin and wears glasses- Metropolis****Photo-Sofia-Manzano

Sofia Manzano (PCB) – The teacher’s name was officially confirmed by the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) to run for president Playback / Instagram

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Vera Lúcia, sociologist and presidential candidate*****Foto-vera-lucia-pre-presidential candidate

Vera Lúcia (PSTU) – The Unified Socialist Workers Party (PSTU) launched the sociologist as a pre-candidate of the party for the Presidency of the RepublicRomerito Pontes/Disclosure


Pablo Marçal (PROS) – The businessman is a pre-candidate for the Presidency of Brazil by the Republican Party of Social Order (PROS)Igo Estrela / Metropolis


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