Natural light is featured in 25 environments at CASACOR RS 2022

Andréa Magalhães – Dolce Vita. CASACOR Rio Grande do Sul 2022 project. Cristiano Bauce/CASACOR

Science has already proven that living in an environment bathed by natural light It only has advantages for health, and also for the pocket! the abundance of natural light in a space decrease the use in excess energysince, as it already illuminates, it dispenses with the use of artificial lights daytime.

Livia Bortoncello – Pied-à-Terre. CASACOR Rio Grande do Sul 2022 project. Cristiano Bauce/CASACOR

natural light highlights the beauty of the spaces and gives that feeling of comfort that we love. No wonder she was the protagonist in these 25 environments from CASACOR Rio Grande do Sul 2022. Check it out and get inspired by the projects in which she stands out at the Rio Grande do Sul show.

CASACOR Rio Grande do Sul Service 2022

Date: from 06 August to 02 October 2022

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Address: Rua Dona Leonor, 360 – Bairro Rio Branco – Porto Alegre/RS

Time: Tuesday to Friday, from 1 pm to 8.30 pm (visit until 10 pm)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 12:00 to 20:30 (visit until 22:00)


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