Eduardo Braga says that ZFM will have legal security and will generate more jobs and income for Amazonas

Alongside Anne Moura (PT), the deputy on his ticket, Eduardo Braga spoke about hunger (Photo: Fato Amazônico)

The victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for the presidency of Brazil is the guarantee that the Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM) will have legal security. This was the keynote of the speech by Eduardo Braga (MDB), candidate for the Government of Amazonas for the coalition “In defense of life”, during Lula’s rally held on the night of this Wednesday (31/08), on Avenida das Torres, south-central Manaus.

According to Braga, the mass presence of the capital’s population at the rally, around 40,000 people, demonstrates confidence and an urgent desire for change. “Believe in this team. Rest assured that we will make a fresh start and don’t lose hope for better days for Brazilians and the people of Amazonas”, he announced.

According to the candidate, victory at the polls will allow new industries to be brought to the state. “We are having the chance to dream again in terms, here, of industries that will rely on the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest for the manufacture of cosmetics. Consequently, this will generate more jobs and income”, said Braga.

Hunger, the great villain – Alongside Anne Moura (PT), the deputy on his ticket, Eduardo Braga spoke to Lula and his wife Rosângela da Silva, Janja, about his biggest concern these days: defeating hunger, which he calls the great villain in the Amazon.

“Hunger has returned in our state. She is in a hurry and needs to be faced. It is hitting homes in the face of merciless inflation. In the countryside, a bottle of gas costs R$ 150.00 and a liter of gasoline and diesel costs R$ 10.00”, pointed out the candidate.

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