Brazil More Productive Program for industrial companies launched in Pernambuco

the program offers solutions that range from mobilizing companies, increasing productivity, energy efficiency to digital transformation (Photo: Ruan Pablo/DP)

Brasil Mais Produtivo, created with the aim of helping the productivity and digital transformation of micro, small and medium-sized Brazilian industrial companies, was officially launched in Pernambuco this Wednesday (24), at Casa da Indústria, in Santo Amaro, in Recife. The program is coordinated by the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC) in partnership with SENAI together with Sebrae, BNDES, Finep, Embrapii and ABDI.

With an investment of R$ 2 billion and 37 million for the digital engagement of 200 thousand industries throughout Brazil and face-to-face service for 93 thousand companies by 2027, the program offers solutions ranging from the mobilization of companies, increased productivity, energy efficiency to digital transformation. In the program, Senai and Sebrae work together to identify and diagnose management and production issues through the most appropriate paths for the companies served.

According to the regional director of Senai Pernambuco, Camila Barreto, industries will also be able to count on the consultancy service. “This program is a differentiator for the micro and small and medium-sized industries as well, because we will be able to enter and work with consultancies and also with qualification training, in search of increasing the industry’s productivity or energy efficiency and in a third moment in the work of digital transformation”. For this year, Senai expects 150 micro and small industries to be served in Pernambuco.

“Sometimes with a simple circuit arrangement within the factory, it is possible to increase profitability and have greater productivity. This program is of utmost importance in the various segments in which it works”, commented the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Pernambuco ( FIEPE), Ricardo Essinger.

The president of FIEPE, Ricardo Essinger, the regional director of Senai Pernambuco, Camila Barreto, and the superintendent of Sebrae Pernambuco, Murilo Guerra (Photo: Ruan Pablo/DP)

The superintendent of Sebrae Pernambuco, Murilo Guerra, explained how the methodology for management strategies works. “It is a methodology that Sebrae uses through ALIprodutividade, a local innovation agent, which actively participates in companies over a period of approximately 6 months, where it is able to identify layout, input and equipment difficulties that need to be improved”, he highlights. According to him, around 1,300 companies are working on this opportunity, thus improving productivity and consequently competitiveness.

By joining the program journey, the industry has access to free information and training. Afterwards, she will be able to access the Management and Innovation journey and choose a path to increase productivity, focused on more efficient production. Still on the platform, the industry can opt for the energy efficiency track, where it will undergo an assessment by Senai to reduce this cost, generating increased competitiveness for the company.

In the form of digital transformation, companies will initially be subjected to a maturity diagnosis for the adoption of intelligent industrial technologies. Then, with the result of the diagnosis, a customized project will be prepared that can be submitted to an exclusive financing line and monitoring of implementation.

Energy efficiency

In this module, the Senai team visits the company, understands its needs and defines an action schedule. The consultancy begins through tariff analysis to understand whether there is any reactive consumption paid by the company. Next, a diagnosis is made by measuring various equipment in the industry and then the company goes through an action plan, which is executed and monitored by the consultancy team to identify points of opportunity to reduce energy consumption. . During this process, specific qualifications on the topic are also offered to the company’s employees.

How to access

The program can be accessed through the Brasil Mais Produtivo website. In it, the company representative must register to access various information and free training. In the system, it is also possible to choose, with the support of Sebrae and Senai, the most suitable path for the industry.

The New More Productive Brazil is aligned with the guidelines of the new Brazilian industrial policy, launched by the federal government on January 22nd.

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