Groom is kissed by guest in front of woman at wedding and video goes viral; watch


Netizens barely woke up and were bombarded by a viral video with a lot of information. Images of a somewhat chaotic wedding began to circulate on the web and shocked users of all social networks. On the record, the guest appears kissing the groom at the wedding party… in front of the bride!

During the wedding celebration, the groom has his eyes closed, his shirt half open and a glass of drink in the air. Without him seeing it, the guest approaches and kisses the boy, who continues with his eyes closed. And not just any kiss. It’s a kiss.

At first, the other guests scream and get excited about the attitude, as if it were a joke. But afterwards, the expression of surprise is stamped on the face of everyone present there.

The video was posted on several pages, but originally came from TikTok. The bride, Mayito Arcentales, posted a wedding record with the caption “I love you baby”. Hours later, a friend of the influencer shared the kiss record with the caption “they ruined Mayito’s wedding” with a broken heart emoji in the sequence.

Mayito and groom Photo: Playback/TikTok
Guest kisses groom Photo: Playback/TikTok

When the publication went viral, many thought that the guest, who appears in a gray suit, was the groom. However, in the video published by Mayito, it is possible to see that the groom has a colored lock in his hair and, despite not having a suit, he is wearing the same pants and silk shirt that she used to enter the wedding.

Groom kisses guest in front of woman at wedding
Groom kisses guest in front of woman at wedding Photo: Playback/Instagram
mayito's fiancé
Mayito’s fiancé Photo: Playback/Tiktok

After the repercussion of the moment of the kiss, the groom published a statement. “Being gay doesn’t make you less sensitive, it doesn’t make you stone or less human. I still haven’t assimilated what happened, I still don’t believe it but it helped me to understand how people in the Igbti community feel when they decide to take off their masks and be them before the world and endure the harassment of society that points you as if they had committed a Homicide or some aberrant act”, he began.

“It takes great mental strength not to choose suicide (I thought about it several times). Mom I love you with my virtues and defects. @mayitoarcentales your words were my fuel to not fall. I’m not gay, what happened happened in a moment in which I couldn’t find my five senses because of the large amount of alcohol (those who know me know that I don’t drink). I apologize if this affected your sensitivity”, he concluded.

The groom published a statement
The groom published a statement Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Netizens countered the boy’s lines: “Ah boy, wait a minute lol you can be gay, that will never be a problem. The problem is that you kiss someone else during your marriage”.

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