Heat wave: find out the forecast for maximum temperatures in ES


Thermometer indicates heat. Photo: Pixabay

Espírito Santo is preparing to face high temperatures again at the end of April and beginning of May. According to Climatempo, the forecast is for a temperature increase of up to 3ºC to 5°C in relation to the monthly average. In the case of Vitória, the average maximum temperature for April is 30°C, and the climatological average for May is 28°C. With the heat wave, the maximum in the next few days could reach 35°C in Greater Vitória.

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According to the forecast from the Capixaba Institute of Research, Technical Assistance and Rural Extension (Incaper), this Wednesday (24), the sun predominates in Espírito Santo due to the influence of a high pressure system that makes cloud formation difficult. There may be quick rain in the morning, only on the northeast coast, with clouds opening throughout the day. There is no rain forecast in other areas of the State, and winds along the coast will be of moderate intensity. The maximum should be 35°C in Greater Vitória. The South and Northwest regions may register 34ºC. In the Northeast and North, the maximum is 32ºC. In the Serrana regions, thermometers can reach 31ºC.

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On Thursday (25), due to the action of a high atmospheric pressure system, the weather continues with sun between clouds throughout Espírito Santo, but with no rain forecast. Temperatures remain stable in all regions. In Greater Vitória, the temperature varies between 21ºC and 35ºC. In the South and Northwest, maximum temperatures can reach 34ºC. For the North and Northeast, thermometers may reach a maximum of 32ºC.

On Friday (26), the day begins with rapid rain between dawn and morning, with clouds opening throughout the day, in the North, Northeast and Northwest. In other regions, the day remains cloudy, but no rain is expected. Due to the heat wave, Greater Vitória is expected to record the maximum of the entire state, with 35ºC. In the South and Northwest, the maximum forecast is 34ºC. The North and Northeast maintain 32ºC. And the Serrana region has a maximum of 31ºC.

On Saturday (27), the day begins with sun among many clouds and rapid rain at the beginning of the day, between dawn and morning, on the coast of Espírito Santo, with clouds opening throughout the day. In the northern half of Espírito Santo, the entry of moisture from the sea causes scattered rain at times. In other areas of the state, there is no rain forecast.

On Sunday (28), with sun between clouds, only on the north coast and extreme north of the State, at certain times of the day. In the other regions of Espírito Santo, sun between few clouds, but no rain is expected.

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