House where companion was “crucified” accumulates dirt, rosaries and saints – Capital

House where companion was “crucified” accumulates dirt, rosaries and saints – Capital
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Cristiane Millan, 42, was brutally murdered with 36 stab wounds by a “dissatisfied customer”

Rosary left at the gate of the house where a woman was brutally murdered, on Avenida Presidente Vargas (Photo: Juliano Almeida)

A completely unhealthy environment full of religious references. This is how delegate Elaine Benicasa, head of Deam (Specialized Police Station for Women’s Assistance), described the house where the call girl, Cristiane Eufrásio Millan, aged 42, was savagely murdered with 36 stab wounds by a “dissatisfied customer”. The scenario really shocked those who were part of the investigation, as described in the report.

From the outside, the residence, located on a busy avenue, Presidente Vargas, in Vila Duque de Caxias, in Campo Grande, already makes a bad impression, not only due to its deteriorated condition, but also due to the amount of objects accumulated in the front – four chairs, two of which were detonated, for example.

On the balcony, there are towels and clothes hanging on the backs of furniture and window bars, as well as shoes scattered around. There are also several boxes containing objects and garbage bags left on the floor – one of them containing women’s shoes.

Quite amazed by the situation of the house, Elaine Benicasa also gave some details this afternoon. “There was a lot of dirt, food residue, fecal residue, and a lot of clothes scattered around the place. There is no water in the house.”

Furniture and dirt scattered on the balcony of the residence (Photo: Juliano Almeida)

Two versions – “Protected” with a rosary on the gate, religious articles are also distributed in several rooms of the property. Bibles, images of saints – whether statuettes or paintings – and crucifixes are distributed throughout the rooms. In one of them, police found a large knife, possibly used in the crime, next to a crucifix.

Cristiane was killed in a room where there was only a dirty mattress on the floor and a wardrobe. The confessed killer alleges, in his statement, that he had sex with the woman there and then went to the kitchen, where he looked for a knife to kill her.

Regarding the reason for the death, he gave two versions: to the PM (Military Police), when caught, Sérgio Guenka, aged 52, said he “freaked out” after the companion refused to do the sexual program because she found it too much ugly. During the interrogation, conducted by the Civil Police, he stated that he came to the conclusion that the sex worker was an impure woman, that the Bible said so and that people “like that” should not survive.

Religious image on the floor of the property (Photo: Juliano Almeida)

Another detail that shocked those who participated in the investigation was the way the woman’s body was left, next to a wardrobe, on the floor, as if the victim had been crucified. Despite the similarity with the serial murders that occurred 16 years ago, in the interior of Mato Grosso do Sul, Guenka denies being an imitator of Dyonathan Celestrino, the “Cruz Maniac”.

In his testimony, he himself recalled the case and assured that it was not intended to be compared. “He said that he left the body like that on purpose and wanted to draw attention to the crime, and that he would like to be ‘famous’ for this heinous act committed”, said Elaine Benicasa.

One more detail suggests that the sex worker may have rejected the client, which caused the killer’s fury. She drove to the meeting place and had a diary containing other programs written down inside the vehicle, as well as a change of clothes to change into. Although this is another impression from the investigation, due to this specificity, the victim did not demonstrate that he was someone who would accept anything for money.

The police have not yet concluded whether or not there was premeditation, whether the victim was lured to his death. The fact is that the man did not show any regret. “At the same time he shows madness, he shows coldness, premeditation. The way he puts his body to make an impact on the media, there are several nuances that leave us somewhat astonished”, stated the Deam holder, at this afternoon’s press conference.

Sérgio Guenka, 52 years old, in a photo taken at the address where he lived alone (Photo: Reproduction from social networks)

The crime – According to the first information provided by the Military Police, the crime occurred on Saturday (20) and the victim has no family connection with the suspect. It was only this Monday that the 52-year-old man called his sister and said he had killed a woman.

In the meantime, Guenka led a “normal life”. “He spent two days with the body and followed his normal routine. He went out to buy snacks after the crime”, described the deputy. During the investigation, a neighbor said that he saw when Cristiane entered the house on Saturday morning and then heard very loud music. “The sound was at its highest volume, and she heard screams, but the witness defended herself by saying that she never imagined that the woman was being stabbed there,” said Elaine during the press conference.

Sérgio was arrested for hiding a corpse and will be charged with the crime of feminicide.

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