Sebrae/ES will invest R$80 million to train entrepreneurs in the ES tourism sector


Tourism in Espírito Santo is gaining more and more strength and now relies on the support service for Micro and Small Businesses of Espírito Santo (Sebrae/ES) to train entrepreneurs in the sector. Based on new guidelines, the entity will, in the coming years, invest R$80 million in training programs aimed at micro-entrepreneurs and small companies in the tourism sector.

Implementation will take place over three years. The initiative was identified to also minimize the revenue losses expected by the tax reform.

According to Sebrae/ES, starting this year, 40% of face-to-face service will be allocated to small businesses in the sector. “Tourism is the fastest growing area of ​​service provision and generates the most opportunities for new jobs. It is a transversal, multisectoral activity and has an enormous capacity to transform territorial realities”, highlighted Pedro Rigo, superintendent of the institution, in a statement.

According to Rigo, the decision to invest in Espírito Santo’s tourism vocation is also aligned with the need to create a new economic matrix in Espírito Santo by 2033 – when the tax reform will be fully implemented.


Enacted by Congress in 2023, the tax reform changes the criteria for collecting taxes in the country. While the current standard is based on the place of production of goods to collect taxes, the new legislation establishes that taxes are collected at the point of consumption of the products. The change could result in a decrease in revenue for smaller states that consume less, such as Espírito Santo.

“The reform is imposing the creation of new economic milestones for the state and tourism is one of them, as it has great potential for the consumption of services and products. It is necessary to encourage more businesses that impact Espírito Santo’s GDP and Sebrae/ES is directing its strategy in this direction, focusing support on economic activities that can be the basis for the state’s economy in the coming years”, assessed Rigo.

But, despite the institution’s new strategic focus, Rigo reinforces that supporting small businesses from all economic sectors continues to be the main purpose of Sebrae/ES.

Investment destination

The mission of attracting more visitors and consumers to the state of Espírito Santo involves strengthening the entire tourism chain. Currently, Espírito Santo has 70 municipalities included in the Ministry of Tourism’s tourism map, in addition to nine tourist vocations already classified.

Are they:

  • agritourism
  • adventure,
  • religious,
  • ecotourism,
  • gastronomic,
  • mystic,
  • sun and beach tourism,
  • historical-cultural
  • and experience tourism.

“We are working to identify tourism supply and demand in each region of the state and, based on this, build an action plan that involves entrepreneurs in these territories. We want to encourage the creation of new routes and improve those that already exist, in addition to increasing the offer of tourist products by operators and agencies”, explained the institution’s superintendent.


To this end, in the coming years, courses, workshops, technical missions outside the state, consultancy and door-to-door assistance will be offered to entrepreneurs in the sector.

“Where tourism is still in its infancy, we will work to better compose the product offering and structure. Where there is already some demand, with the potential to be structured and developed, we will focus on improvements,” he said.

According to the superintendent, training entrepreneurs in the sector is essential to changing the level of Espírito Santo tourism in relation to the rest of the country. “The greater professionalization of this activity will make Espírito Santo recognized and sought after as a national tourist destination”.

Creation of new tourist district

In addition to training entrepreneurs in the sector, Sebrae/ES is committed to developing and structuring new tourism products to boost the flow of visitors to the state.

An example is Venda Nova do Imigrante, where the headquarters of the Sebrae Experience Tourism Center will be located, and the creation of the Pindobas Tourist District is underway, on ES-166.

“The installation of the headquarters of the Sebrae Experience Tourism Center aims to enhance the offer of experience products, consolidating Venda Nova do Imigrante as the National Capital of Agritourism. We hope, therefore, to increase the flow of tourists in the municipality and in the region of the mountains of Espírito Santo”, highlighted Renata Vescovi, state manager of the Sebrae Experience Tourism Center and technical advisor to the Sebrae/ES board.

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