Bolsonaro draws crowds as he passes through Santa Catarina

Bolsonaro draws crowds as he passes through Santa Catarina
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Former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) was received by a crowd at Florianópolis airport on the morning of this Tuesday, 23rd, reinforcing that the Bolsonaro wave in the State is more alive than ever. All Peelist leaders in Santa Catarina made a point of honoring the myth, which proves to be a vote-producing machine across the country.

As if it were the parade on January 1st, Bolsonaro, his son Jair Renan, governor Jorginho Mello and other supporters headed in an open car to a shooting club in the city of São José, where they participated in a lunch.

During the event, he asked PL candidates for their commitment to remain firm in defending conservative ideals in these elections. And, sealing his support for the decision of Fabrício Oliveira, mayor of Balneário Camboriú, he posed in a photo alongside the candidate he nominated, Peter Lee Grando, and Jorginho. The image would be a message to Carlos Humberto and the party bench who defended his pre-candidacy for the majority in the city. Also on Tuesday, Bolsonaro participated in the International Missions Congress, the Gideões, in Balneário Camboriú.

It is worth noting that part of the population was frustrated with the cancellation of the politician’s visit to the Capital’s Public Market. From early on, the place was packed, with hundreds of people waiting, but on the advice of security, who feared a confrontation with opponents, Bolsonaro did not appear.

Teachers’ strike

This Tuesday, the 23rd, teachers from state schools in Santa Catarina went on strike and held demonstrations in some cities. They demand, among other things, a new public tender, the suspension of the 14% discount for retired teachers, as well as more investments in education and the structure of schools.

In support of the professionals, deputy Luciane Carminatti (PT) used the Tribuna da Alesc to state that if there are closed classes, a state school without attendance, students not going to school, teachers in anguish, a principal not knowing what to do, it is the fault of the State government. According to her, after many attempts, only yesterday did the secretary call her for the first meeting.

Master Plan suspended

The Public Ministry of Santa Catarina (MPSC) obtained an injunction in court that determines the suspension of the processing of the Master Plan of the municipality of São Francisco do Sul. In the injunction granted by the court of the 2nd Civil Court, the municipal legislative power should not lead to plenary the PL with the proposed amendments and will have to suspend public hearings until a final decision on the public civil action. In the event of a definitive conviction, the City Council must guarantee broad publicity and popular participation in the analysis of amendments to revise the Master Plan, as well as guarantee that public hearings are held with prior and wide publicity.

Donation in IR

Governor Jorginho Mello (PL) started a campaign on his social networks so that taxpayers from Santa Catarina do not send money to Brasília (since we know that it is unlikely to return) and start making contributions to the Children and Adolescent and Elderly Funds through the Tax of Income. This is a plausible attitude that would leave the necessary resources in the State, as the Federal Government is slow to transfer funds to Santa Catarina’s coffers.

Podemos support

The pre-candidates for councilor and leaders of Podemos de Itajaí met last Friday, the 19th, to define the party’s position and who they would support in the October elections. The meeting was attended by the state president of Podemos, who holds the presidency of Itajaí, state deputy Paulinha.

At the meeting, all the majority pre-candidacy options already announced were presented, but the party was chosen by Osmar Teixeira.

Effective member of the IAB

Santa Catarina lawyer Vivian De Gann was appointed as an effective member of the Brazilian Lawyers Institute (IAB). The admission was approved at a plenary session of the IAB in March, and communicated by the institute’s president, Sydney Limeira Sanches. The inauguration will be in June, in Rio de Janeiro, headquarters of the institution, which is the oldest legal institution in the Americas.

Vivian is a lawyer specializing in Labor Relations, university professor, Master and PhD in Labor Law.

Arteris Positioning

Arteris Litoral Sul clarifies that its concession contract is valid until 2033. It will deliver the Florianópolis Contour in 2024, the largest infrastructure project being carried out in the country.

Regarding the renegotiation, in accordance with the Public Policy of Ordinance No. 848/2023, the company filed a proposal in December 2023 with the Ministry of Transport, which must analyze it for forwarding to the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) and, subsequently , to the Federal Audit Court (TCU).

The company considers the opportunity for renegotiation to resume agreed works and contractual modernization to be positive, making it more balanced in the provision of public services and bringing positive impacts on job creation and regional socioeconomic development.

Arteris continues to dialogue with the Granting Authority about the best road solutions for the highways it manages in five Brazilian states, which includes BR-101/SC.

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