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Floating house and high-speed sports car on the water: attractions at the Rio Boat Show /Photos: Disclosure

The Rio Boat Show, from April 28th to May 5th, at Marina da Glória, will feature, among the new features, a floating house. What about? Living on boats with the structure of a house is nothing new, but the boat is like a house, the Solara Boat House, measuring 74 m², with two bedrooms, kitchen, balcony and even a terrace, measuring 35 feet and capacity for 12 people .

The houseboat was shown for the first time at the same event in São Paulo, last year and, according to the construction company, it is stable in navigation and ideal for stops at piers and beaches.

It costs from R$750,000, that is, almost the same value as a small apartment in Copacabana (R$11,000 per square meter). And to maintain? Any boat needs maintenance and a place to be, like a marina: one the size of a houseboat costs around R$1,500 per month, in addition to the sailor’s salary for maneuvering, maintenance and documentation.

The Rio Boat is expected to receive more than 33,000 visitors and generate approximately R$250 million in business and boost the economy — in 2023, there will be 150,000 jobs at the event, according to the nautical association Acobar.

In addition to the houseboat, SeaLife takes its cars (actual cars) for high-speed demonstrations, a scene from the “007” movie. And, on the penultimate day, May 4th, at 8pm, anyone attending the event will watch a parade of boats of different models, sizes and styles.

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