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A commission of Education and Culture announced, this Wednesday (3), that it will promote a public hearing to debate the holding of the Garanhuns Winter Festival (FIG). Last Tuesday, the City Hall of the municipality, in Agreste Meridional, announced attractions at the Mestre Dominguinhos hub, the main stage of the event.

The participation of the State Government, through Foundation of the Historical and Artistic Heritage of Pernambuco (Fundarpe), has not yet been confirmed. This impasse led deputy João Paulo (PT) requesting the hearing.

“We do not want to interfere in the decision of the city hall or the state management, but we need to listen to both to know what the FIG will be like without a presence as important as that of the State”, said the parliamentarian.

Deputy Izaías Régis (PSDB), who was mayor of Garanhuns from 2013 to 2020, considers that the City Hall is unable to hold the Festival without support from the Government.

“The current management only cares about the main stage, but the event has 25 cultural hubs. The FIG was created by the Government in 1991, to develop local tourism. It was never carried out solely by the City Hall. The privatization of the Festival is taking place”, he pointed out.

The 32nd edition of the FIG is scheduled to take place between July 11th and 28th. The date of the public hearing has not yet been set.

WINTER FESTIVAL – Organization of this year’s FIG will be debated by the Education and Culture Commission. Photo: Giovanni Costa

Structure for students

LISTENING – Waldemar Borges to listen to the community served by a school with structural problems in Olinda. Photo: Giovanni Costa

President of the collegiate, deputy Waldemar Borges(PSB) informed, still at this Wednesday’s meeting, that the Commission will promote a listening session on the situation of the Escola Estadual Compositor Antônio Maria, in Olinda, in the Metropolitan Region of Recife. According to him, the unit’s 500 students are without classes due to problems with the building’s infrastructure.

“It is urgent that the State Government react, correct, overcome these difficulties so that students can still resume the school year and not completely miss the year 2024”, he noted. Waldemar Borges said that the Commission will forward a letter to the State Department of Education requesting urgent measures to resolve the issue.

The board also approved the Bill (PL) No. 1764/2024authored by the Executive Branch, which authorizes the Government to transfer R$ 2,576,100.00 for the Pernambuco Student House, located in Recife.

According to the proposal’s justification, the social organization welcomes more than 200 young people in search of professional training, the majority of whom come from the interior of the state. The Student House offers housing, food, transportation and dental care.


Homage, rights and public policies aimed at the Nursing category in Pernambuco are the content of some of the matters approved by the Public Administration Commission at the meeting this Wednesday (3). The collegiate accepted favorable opinions on three proposals aimed at these professionals, all authored by deputy Gilmar Júnior (PV).

O PL nº 1248/2023 creates the State First Job Policy for Nurses, Nursing Technicians and Assistants. The text received the approval of deputies with modifications prepared by the Justice Committee.

The proposal establishes professional development, entrepreneurship and cooperative guidelines for recent graduates in this area of ​​health and aims to promote their insertion into the job market.

Already the PL nº 1198/2023 extends to nursing professionals half price for cultural, leisure, entertainment and sporting events based on changes in the Law No. 12,258/2002which established the benefit for teachers.

The inclusion of the State Day of Forensic Nursing Professionals in the Official Calendar of Events and Commemorative Dates of the State of Pernambuco is the purpose of PL nº 1257/2023.

The article establishes July 30th to honor nurses who assist in the investigation of cases of sexual, physical and psychiatric violence, using professional techniques to preserve evidence and collect traces at crime scenes and for analyzes carried out at specific moments. subsequent to the commission of the crimes.

NURSING – Rights and tributes to the category were accepted by the Board of Directors. Photo: Giovanni Costa

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