Angus heifers fill corral with quality meat show in MS


Good morning, agricultural people who are excited about each advance and success at the heart of our livestock farming! Today, I come to share with you a story that is a spectacle straight from Mato Grosso do Sul, showing the power of good genetics Angus in the quality meat scenario. On Wednesday, April 3, the Giro do Boi brought an example of dedication that deserves applause. Take a look at the video to see this production that is a source of pride.

Valdir Donizete Peromingo, from the Friboi unit in Bela Vista, MS, highlighted the phenomenal work of livestock farmer Carlos Alberto Viviani, from Fazenda Santa Fé das Cachoeiras, in Ponta Porã.

And look, it’s not just any job, no! We are talking about a batch of 130 heads, including Angus heifers and cows, which not only attest to the quality of the meat, but also to the sharp vision of a livestock farmer who bets on insemination technology and the use of Brangus breeding bulls to further increase the standard of your cattle.

Premium beef Angus heifer

And the results? Premium meat! With an average weight per carcass of 281 kg, reaching 18.7 arrobas, these females slaughtered at the Friboi unit in Naviraí showed that if there is something that Carlos Alberto understands well, it is how to produce animals that make a difference when it comes to the scales. and on the consumer’s table.

This achievement speaks about the commitment to excellence in the meat that Brazil has been producing. And more than that, it endorses the commitment necessary to achieve results that, literally, weigh a lot.

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With focus, investment in genetics and correct management, it is possible to transform production into a true reference of quality, as Carlos Alberto has been doing at Fazenda Santa Fé das Cachoeiras.

So, here is inspiration for those who are involved in livestock farming and always seek to improve: the story of Carlos Alberto and his Angus cow is a reminder that innovation and attention to detail can lead to extraordinary results. May this story serve to motivate more livestock farmers to pursue excellence and value what they produce.

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